Not all nature has given a perfect facial features, and women have the advantage of cosmetics. Correctly caused makeup will allow to hide flaws or even to present them as negative. There are tricks and techniques that will help make the best makeup for the eyes. For example, more saturated colors will help hide the imperfections such as excess skin of the eyelids. But about all under the order.
Скрываем недостатки глаз: хитрости макияжа
Various lessons eye makeup will help you to become more confident in the possession of several techniques of causing shadows and connectors. For example, the use of light shades, if they are plotted on the entire surface of the century – refresh the person and give him ease. If осветлена part of the century directly under the eyebrows, this optical raises his eyes. So lighten can only be applied if the eyelids without excess skin. A small bright spot over the eye to help visually expand the narrow eyes. The glare you must have a good blend.

The use of dark shadows will help to visually bring together the widely set eyes. To do this, apply a dark shades using the applicator on the direction from eyebrows to the inner corner of the eye, evenly shading. Well accentuate the shape of an eye, the application of the dark shadows of all eyelid evenly. But if the century there is excess skin, dark shadows, on the contrary, they are applied at the outer corner of the eye: the closer to the eyebrows, the darker.
Скрываем недостатки глаз: хитрости макияжа1
Consider different ways to use the lines in the eye makeup. Eyeliner on the top century, if it is applied from one edge of the eye to another and slightly thickened over the eye, to help visually round eyes. And if the liner is applied from the middle of the eye to the outer edge, then the eye will seem longer. If you apply eyeliner and top and bottom, having closed contour on the outer corner of the eyes seem to be located closer to each other. But by using light contour of the lower eyelid, increase the visual eye, will look fresh and help hide redness of the eyes.

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