праздничные платья для детейIn childhood reasons for festive attire, no less than in adulthood. Birthdays, parties, school «sparks», the New year and many other cases put before the pleasant need to get dressed not just beautiful, elegant. Holiday dresses for children, which produce the manufacturers of children’s clothes and children’s lines from famous brands, represent a huge range of styles, some of which even the most demanding little fashionista will find a beautiful model.


Stylistic borrowings

Holiday dresses for children largely borrow traits of adult fashion, which is not surprising. The times, when the girls bought «Chinese dresses» as a synonym for festive attire, are long gone. Now baby models are not necessarily covered by incredible number of steep shuttlecocks, covered with artificial roses, bows and ribbons. Children’s fashion can be minimal, even in the case of service of «exit», and the winner of this dress will not suffer complexes due to the fact that her dressed smart enough. Dresses for girls have a unique style, taste and beauty, as one can easily verify, scrolling through multiple directories.

What dress to buy for girls varies from case to which it is matched and, of course, tastes children should not be left aside. Mothers should sculpt of the daughters of their reduced copies, as do some of the Hollywood celebrities. Of course, children already have formed, albeit superficial judgments about what they like and what not. Colors and patterns are the most simple «clues»to help you choose the right dress.


Princess or ballerina – apotheosis festive mood

Who hadn’t imagined herself to be a Princess, which should be a magnificent dress of white or pale pink? These dresses will remain urgent always – this is the maiden nature. If the girl is engaged in ballet, she can find a beautiful dress in the style of ballet tutu, the more that this topic with each year strengthening its positions in the designer collections.

The main difference of this style in a lush skirt, which may be of different length and made of different materials. The bodice is usually tight to the body, can be of contrasting-laconic, but the dress style «Princess» not возбраняются puffed sleeves, floral appliques. It remains only to choose the style and material for the skirt. The most popular option – skirt with a multilayer chiffon lining, top – satin, using fabrics, such as cotton with viscose or polyester.

Once in children’s gala dresses widely used style with multiple layers of ruffles, which then outdated, but not sunk into Oblivion. Today is also popular multi-layered, but we must try to acquire the dresses that do not look cheap at the expense of their synthetic lace ruffles. Stylish and modern look dresses for girls who are not very steep and «волнующиеся» frills of smooth tablecloth or with fine contrast trim.


Elegant style for little lady

Many girls from an early age are becoming interested in fashion or their mothers are removed from the typical style of a Princess, preferring to wear daughters by his example, buying elegant dresses of the laconic style. They may be festive, such versions of many, and mostly they repeat the current models of female clothes of a season.

Retro-style is very popular for children’s dresses. It can be expressed in cut or decorating, but without excessive frankness and obvious features style adult women. From retro girls may appeal to the style of the forties and fifties with a cold peas and rounded collar, and dresses in the style of the twenties, short, shining Golden fringe.

There are baby cocktail dresses, stylish, elegant, restrained, but nevertheless perfect for the big celebrations. These models are made of shining fabrics such as satin, decorated with large bows at the waist, beautiful patch collars with lace trim or inlaid with crystals.


Comfortable style for a holiday

Beauty requires sacrifice is the truth, often used to fashion. But if with age, women accustomed to high ground stud, and to close the corset, which are necessary for a secular output in childhood is such a fashionable torture undesirable. Mothers who look after a holiday dresses for their daughters, should pay attention to the convenience of material and cut, otherwise even the greatest triumph of the child will be no joy.

In addition to comfortable fabric, which should neither at his neck, nor RUB bulky hard seams in a dress should be very comfortable waist line to the child breathed freely and does not feel discomfort during movement. Dresses without the waist is also a great option for a holiday. Here and style of the twenties, and the model of the «keystone».

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