In France, many places seeking tourists from all over the world. A large mass of people make the Atlantic coast of France, such as the Silver coast, Pink and blue.
Отдых во Франции
Cote d’azur, is distinguished by a higher water temperature. Once on the Cote d’azur, should visit such cities as Menton, Iera, nice, Antibes and Cannes. This region is considered the most prestigious area in France. Cote d’azur surprisingly combines Mediterranean flora with tender and warm coast. Aboriginal and colonizers made their contribution, improved and beautified the beach stunning architecture and superb culinary culture.

Unique Pink beach, which also proud France situated on the North of the country, between the Atlantic ocean and the North sea, yet this area is called the English channel. Resorts located along the channel from the port of Dunkerque and the territory near the border with Belgium. A lot of tourists, it comes in Pink coast as a holiday destination in France more affordable. Relatively inexpensive vacation in such memorable places like the Bay of Saint Malo or Canopy. Maloletnice resorts in these places, many travelers liking. And marvelous cooking, for example, divine cuisine from only that caught fish. Pink beach is famous for its picturesque and moderate Maritime climate.
Отдых во Франции3
Very beautiful in the Silver coast, a magical, unforgettable town located on the Atlantic ocean, stretching from the Pyrenees and to the Isle of Re. Near Silver beach is several lakes. Very close to a river flows Era. Big, beautiful bridges connect the island of Re, and the Capital of the Charente-Maritime. It is a favourite place of local residents, here you can escape from the bustle of the rest from the big city and to enjoy specialities from oysters. The wonderful nature of the town France pleases all who were here, along the coast coniferous trees, combined with the warm sandy beach.

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