Now on sale, you can find different means for care of a skin of hands and nail plates: nourishing creams, rejuvenating masks, scrubs, gels, to soften the cuticles, strengthen lucky. Among wide range of products is difficult to make a choice and to buy the suitable product. You can choose not to buy beauty products in the store, and to make their own hands, using simple recipes. The nail plate and hands also need daily care along with face and figure. So, time-tested and actual recipes of beauty for hands and nails:
Домашний уход за кожей рук2
– Softens and nourishes microelements dry hands banana mask. For its preparation you need to take a banana medium size, a teaspoon of flower honey liquid consistency, a tablespoon softened butter. Banana should be peeled, grind in a blender, mix with oil and liquid honey. Then the mask is applied to the hands and leave for 20 minutes, then wash off with warm running water. During this time, the skin has time to feast useful vitamins and wetted, and acquire a healthy and well-groomed. By the way, to always look beautiful and attractive, not to expend extra effort to save personal time to help a beauty salon Veil, thanks to its respectful attitude to each client.
Домашний уход за кожей рук3
– To strengthen nails, to improve their growth will help gelatinous baths. They are made easy. You need to boil 200 gr. water and dissolve it in half a tablespoon of gelatin. Cool solution to a temperature of 45 C, then put down his fingers. It is recommended to take a bath for 15 minutes, and repeat 2 or 3 times a week. This mask homemade improves the condition of the nail plates, makes nails strong and healthy.

For professional care for your hands and nails should contact the cosmetic salons.

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