Nail care at home is a prerequisite for the beauty and appearance of a woman’s hands, because the beautiful and manicured natural nails always look better than accrued. Beautiful natural nails, glowing skin, healthy hair – all this makes a woman irresistible at any age.
Домашний уход за ногтями – залог их красоты и здоровья2
By the way, if your hair is what reason have become dull, brittle, and damaged, there are many tools that will help them to recover. A good solution to such problems may become the Treatment of hair infrared flat iron. The effect of this procedure is visible almost immediately.
Домашний уход за ногтями – залог их красоты и здоровья3
As for nails, for their healthy and well-groomed appearance, you should regularly take care of them. To strengthen nails at home is quite realistic, it will take only your desire and patience.
Домашний уход за ногтями – залог их красоты и здоровья4
Very good in home nail care has proved to be olive oil. This product is very rich in vitamin composition and superb affects the nails. In order to strengthen the nails enough to do the bath for nails of olive oil. For this you need a little heat on a water bath a small amount of olive oil and leave it to fingertips 15-20 minutes. Rinse off the remaining oil is not necessary, simply wipe them with a paper towel. To do this you need every day in the week to do after a week break, and then if necessary, repeat the course.
Домашний уход за ногтями – залог их красоты и здоровья5

The next tool that will help make your nails healthier is a bath of sea salt. Such baths strengthen nails, make them more well-groomed, give them a healthy look. To prepare this bath needs in a small amount of warm water add a teaspoon of sea salt and keep this solution fingertips 15-20 minutes. To carry out the procedure every day we need most such courses as trays with olive oil.

These simple procedures will help to strengthen your nails and make them more well-groomed and healthy.

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