домашний пилинг салициловой кислотойRejuvenating facial treatments today offer all beauty salons. But not everyone knows that some of these procedures can be done by yourself without turning to professional cosmetologists. So, home peels salicylic acid is as effective as and peeling in the beauty salon, although the cost of home and professional procedures are not comparable.


Who is salicylic peel

Unlike many other chemical peels, exfoliation salicylic acid is not only suitable for Mature skin care. This peel can be used in youth, especially if the skin is oily, problem, with black dots. Because salicylic acid has anti-inflammatory properties, it is effective in that case, if the skin is prone to inflammation and irritation. This tool effectively evens out skin tone, normalizes the sebaceous glands, helps to avoid acne.

Superficial peeling with salicylic acid is often recommended for young women with problem skin. For this procedure used a solution of acid 15%. For the mid-surface of the peeling requires a 30% solution of salicylic acid. This peeling has a rejuvenating effect, it smoothes the skin, removes wrinkles and scars after acne, complexion.


In the salon or at home?

In salon peels by a professional beautician who can identify the needs of the skin and to choose the best facial treatments. The procedure usually consists of several stages. First the skin is cleansed, then applied a solution of salicylic acid of suitable concentration, after some time the solution is washed off. After the procedure is applied to the skin usually soothing mask, allowing the epidermis to recover faster.

Perhaps the only significant disadvantage of salon procedures is their high price. Because chemical peels are recommended courses, rejuvenation of the skin can be a costly mistake. For this reason, many prefer to do peels at home.

Salicylic peels good for its versatility and predictability of the result. This peel is suitable for almost any skin and, if done correctly, is perfectly tolerated. For this reason it is peeling salicylic acid are often chosen for domestic procedures. However, before the first home peeling is recommended to consult a beautician about desirable drug concentration, exposure time and other nuances.


The procedure of home treatments

Salicylic peels at home is performed in the same manner as that in the cabin. First, the skin must be free from makeup, dirt and oil. Do not use any harsh abrasive tools – only delicate gels and foams.

The next stage is the application of peels. Preparations for peeling can be purchased in the shops of professional cosmetics. Which means choose playing beautician. All preparations for salicylic peels are different, they differ in some nuances, so the advice of a professional who is well versed in tools such priceless.

Many, without further ADO, is used for peeling the normal aspirin. Although acetylsalicylic acid differs from salicylic acid, it also has anti-inflammatory effect and loosens sebum and softens the top layer of skin. For homemade exfoliation is necessary to use plain aspirin tablets and not soluble effervescent version of this drug. Pills pounded into powder, mixed with a little water and applied on the skin.

Means in the form of serum or liquid milk to apply on cleansed skin. You must carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for use. Usually it’s enough to keep the drug on the skin for ten minutes, then wash off preparation.

If skin tingling – this is perfectly normal. Acid is slightly irritating to the skin. But if the person begins to “burn”, and a burning sensation becomes unbearable, you should rinse without waiting for the procedure.

After removal from the skin it is desirable to apply a soothing face mask. Peeling traumatize the skin, causing her burns. Moisturizing and soothing the funds will allow the skin to cope with the damage to recover. You can just go for a moisturizing cream, but it is better to make a mask that will soothe the skin – for example, with herbs.


Important nuances

Typically, acid peels done once a week. For rejuvenation of the skin is five to seven treatments, but usually the duration of the course is chosen individually, based on the state of the skin.

Beauticians do not recommend doing chemical peels, including salicylic acid, in spring and summer, when the sun is particularly active. The skin after peeling is very sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, so it is important it is to protect it from the sun. Radical doctors advise not to go out for a few days after the procedure. And if you want to seem at the sun, only carefully protecting the skin. Of course, cannot go and speeches about the tan – both natural and artificial, in the Solarium.

Chemical peels have many contraindications. For example, they can not be made, if the skin is inflammation, cold sores, scratches, abrasions and other damage. Refrain from peeling have pregnant and lactating women, as well as suffering from several diseases. And, of course, impossible to do this peeling those who are allergic to salicylic acid.

Immediately after the salicylic peel face may turn red, and to swell a little, especially if salicylic acid is used in high concentrations. But these effects usually disappear after a couple of hours.

Dmitry Anokhin

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