домашние солярииFor most people, tanned skin is an attribute of beauty and attractiveness, but the idea to regularly visit the Solarium inspires not all. The reasons may be different, someone is not satisfied with the price and the location of the nearest Solarium, someone is afraid of catching a fungus or some other infection. In whatever reason, home Solarium excellent alternative to paying the tanning sessions in clinics and beauty spas.


How to choose a home Solarium

First of all, estimate the amount of space you want to allocate for the installation of home Solarium. The size of the sun varies, so before you go shopping, make the necessary measurements. Evaluate the condition of the floor, it should be smooth and durable enough to withstand the weight of the Solarium.

When you have chosen size, think about the following. Home tanning on average, calculated on the number of lamps from sixteen to thirty-two. If you have a high growth or one of your family members is quite high, it is better to choose a Solarium at least twenty-eight lamps. Needless to say, the more lamps, the higher the price of the Solarium. Home tanning beds designed for users of medium height, as a rule, not more than twenty-four lamps. Most tanning salons are equipped with standard lamps. Ask how long they are, how many hours of work are calculated. Choosing a home Solarium, try to find a simple and easy in operation model, please note, is it possible to change lamps and switches independently, without the help of the wizard.

домашние солярииIf the financial side of the question is for you, paramount, note the type of power supply of the Solarium. In the market can meet the Solarium small size, which feed from the usual outlets in the wall, but to make the most of salon and home tanning requires a special Converter. Transformers regulate power supply, most tanning salons requires non-standard voltage. A number of models operate at a voltage from two hundred and twenty to two hundred thirty. For proper connection of the Solarium you will need the services of a professional electrician.

Those who decided to buy a home Solarium, we will open one little secret. Do not start the search, guided solely by the manufacturer’s name. If you pay cash, you can buy Solarium directly from the supplier or to choose the model presented in the showroom. If you take delivery on yourself, you will not have to pay more.


Types of home tanning beds

Home tanning presents two types of models, traditional tanning bed in a vertical tube. If you do not have enough space for horizontal Solarium – the second option is just what you need. Vertical Solarium takes up less space, also this model is ideal for corner location.


Types of lamps

домашние солярииBulb type is one of the most important features of a particular model of home tanning beds. In solariums used ultraviolet radiation spectrum of A (UVA) and spectrum In together or separately. Disputes about what light is safer, still going on. In fact, the sun is not safe for the skin, and wherever you sunbathed, be sure to observe all necessary safety precautions and protection.

You should know exactly what lamps are installed in your sunroom, this information will be useful to you when the time comes to change them. Note mounting position lamp and the patron, to assess how easy it will be to cope with the replacement of lamps themselves.


Additional features in home tanning beds

домашние солярииIf you want to buy Solarium with advanced features note on the model with the function of tan face and cooling system. In models with the first function of the lamp are in the zone of the face and these lamps emit direct light. Many people find it difficult to withstand direct radiation on the person, so think carefully whether you need this feature.

The cooling system is necessary in cases when the person is not tolerate high temperatures and easily overheat in the Solarium. Cooling system protects the skin from exposure to high temperatures. However, this feature should be used with caution, if you don’t feel the heat, it doesn’t mean that you’re not sunbathing. Too long stay in the Solarium unsafe for the skin.

Most home tanning installed lamps with fluorescent tubes, but sales also you can see the so-called Solarium high pressure. In such models come with quartz lamps of high pressure, they are called so because of the pressure of the gas in the bulb slightly higher than the pressure in the atmosphere. In such solariums you can sunbathe by one party only, so during the session you will have to roll over. Such solariums are available in salons and beauty clinics, but in the free market such models are also found.


Home tanning b/u

домашние солярииBuying a home tanning used can be a good alternative to purchasing new Solarium, especially if you are limited in resources. Often for a low price with hands you can purchase good quality Solarium.

Before you purchase a home Solarium with hands, ask how often it was used, who was the owner, beauty or a private person. As a rule, sun decks of spas “mileage” much more significant than those that were in private ownership. Sometimes that bought Solarium for home use, the owner uses it rarely or switches to a new “toy”, and therefore sells old. Compare prices on new Solarium and models used. The greater the difference between the almost equivalent options, the better for you.

Carefully check the status of the Solarium, which you buy from hands, ask did you perform any maintenance work, the last time they had changed the lamp, whether there is a Solarium on guarantees and so on. Please, choose carefully and intelligently, consult with experts or those with homes already have the Solarium.

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