домашняя туникаWomen often go home in robes, many of which not look very attractive. Terry bathrobes, in principle, considered bathroom accessory and are not intended for continuous wear. If you neglect this rule, quality bathrobes wear out quickly. Then what to wear at home? Clearly not dress in a way-it is inconvenient, as in shorts with a t-shirt. A great alternative is home tunic, which provides comfort and cosiness.


New incarnation of fashion

Tunic for the house are not someone invented an improvised version of the service. Such models, both independently and in sets, are manufactured by many companies producing comfortable clothes for the house. This subject in the minds of many closely connected with images of other light summer, of silk or chiffon, which is appropriate to wear on the beach, but not always comfortable home. But it is necessary to expand the understanding of this word, because the tunic is not always looks as we know it.

Still in all models remains essence is a piece of clothing for the upper body, which is spacious cover, direct the wide, a little adjacent or a fitted silhouette. Sleeve tunic can be both long and short or nonexistent. The cut – both direct and trapezoid. Tissue Tunick to be worn in everyday life are varied, but for home models preferred a soft, pleasant for a skin materials, thin Jersey, fleece, soft nekolika wool, cotton with viscose or a small number of polyester, which increases wear resistance things.


Tops-tunic home: fashion homebody

Such tunics have long adjacent or short sleeves, for winter it is recommended to buy tunic with three-quarter sleeves or to the elbow, to stay warm, but not to alterpath region cuffs during the performance of routine chores. Such models do not constrain movements, have length, covering the buttocks. The edge of this tunic can be asymmetric or rounded front and rear. Combination with a slight V-neck makes tunic closest to classical vision of this garment. They can be worn with home leggings or “velosipednye”.

If you want to buy the tunic, which is convenient to work at home at your computer and then you can lie on the couch with a book, cook dinner and clean note into white or other monochrome home tunic, for example, from Jersey. Such a thing equipped complete with homemade cotton trousers, will allow to create elegant package, quite suitable for meeting guests.


Universal homewear: tunic on all occasions

  • Delicate cotton, velour, thin Jersey gray increasingly become the main materials from producers beautiful, very comfortable home Tunik a variety of models.
  • Tunics-shirts are suitable for warm weather, houses such things indispensable for doing everyday things, because they do not interfere with long sleeves.
  • Tunics-t-shirt with round neck may be adjacent, or that large, but mostly not baggy, namely advanced in the hips, that is suitable for women with massive bottom. Such tunics in the summer you can wear short shorts.
  • In the youth environment incredibly popular svetloty, which are nothing but a t-shirt with long sleeves. Designers are constantly experimenting, and connect the image of a stylish switchof cut tunics, extending it and making it more wide sleeves and hem.
  • Fans of sports style will appreciate the tunic with hoods, which, as tunic-svetloty, can be decorated funny inscriptions or images. Such tunic can be equipped with buttons or zippers, Recalling favorite women of Mature age robes.
  • Bathrobe tunic, too, is the place to be in the range of modern producers, producing clothes for the house. Such models may be stripped of sleeves, but have either a belt or remain sufficiently broad in the waist area, close buttons or ordinary lightning.
  • Tunic for the house of fine knitwear can borrow the image of the classic dresses and sweaters for which there is nothing better established gray, beige or thin transverse stripes.

Home tunic allow to fool around a bit with my own style, which is not always permissible for models to the exit. If you want to cheer yourself up, choose tunic for the house with a funny caption, with the hero of a movie, cartoon or interesting print your style. No matter what you see only home. You always will be more comfortable if the thing you’re wearing, pleasant not only the body, but to the eye and soul.

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