What woman does not dream to be a perfection to the tips of the nails. But the most that gets the nails is lacquered with a regular manicure. But there are many procedures that are aimed at maintaining the health and beauty of the nail plate. The leading position among these are special bath for nails, which can be done at home.
Домашние ванночки для ногтей1
It will require a small container where you can put all the fingers at the same time, the prepared solution and about 15-20 minutes of time to spend not only for the body but for the soul. During the procedure, you can watch your favorite TV series, listen to relaxing music or to dream a new renovation in the kitchen. A good imagination will tell everything to the last detail. For such a short time, you can decide which photo Wallpapers for food to buy, where to place the new lockers where to hide the old processor and coffee grinder. Tastefully chosen to design the walls will give the kitchen a cozy look and help at any moment to transform it into a home beauty salon.
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When choosing a fluid baths should take into account the expected effect of the procedure.

- To stimulate the growth of nails is perfect saline with the addition of lemon juice.

For peeling nails need baths with infusion of the herb and plantain – 2 tablespoons herbs infuse for one hour in 1 Cup of boiling water, then add a few drops of iodine.
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– To strengthen the nail plates indispensable warm oil bath, for a more pronounced therapeutic effect in addition you have to use various additives: Apple cider vinegar, iodine, sea salt, essential oils.

After soaking the fingers should be wiped dry and grease the nourishing cream, paying particular attention to the nail base and the cuticle. To consolidate the results it is advisable to take a course of 10-12 treatments.

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