домашняя косметикаToday, when store shelves and pharmacies are full of different means of skin care and hair care for every taste, homemade cosmetics may seem anachronistic. However, homemade cosmetics are often superior to many creams and masks that are sold in stores, on a number of parameters. She always cheaper, fresher, more natural and safer because it does not contain harmful additives.



домашние косметикие средстваMany generations of women have not had the opportunity to buy cosmetics in stores, and treated me with the means to prepare their own. For the manufacture of masks used the conventional products that have in any home – vegetables, fruits, milk and its derivatives, vegetable oil, oatmeal, honey and much more. And, oddly enough, women quite successfully to retain their beauty for years to come, using such means.

Over time, the manufacture of cosmetics took the apothecaries, and after some time it took a cosmetics company. They quickly convince buyers that your homemade cosmetics does not go to any comparison with the factory. This could be explained by the use of exotic ingredients or the latest technologies that are available only on production.

Indeed, many modern cosmetics are produced from unseen ingredients: medicinal herbs growing in the protected corners of the globe, exotic oils and even precious metals. Advertising claims that due to these components and modern technology ready miraculous creams, they are able to turn back the clock and literally transform your skin and hair.

Although such advertising has a large proportion of exaggeration, many modern facilities are very beneficial effect on the skin, especially if you care for yourself regularly and thoroughly. But can we say that they are more effective old home remedies? This question has no answer as to check which tool is more effective, is very difficult. Selection of cosmetics are always individual, and what doesn’t belong to one woman may well help another.


The advantages of home remedies

In any case, home remedies there are several advantages over ready cosmetics that are sold in stores. They have, of course, and disadvantages, and what is more important – every woman would decide.

  • The first advantage is, of course, price. Expensive cosmetics can cost a fortune. Remaining after cooking salad tomato, superimposed on the face, doesn’t cost anything. Hardly anyone specially acquires certain ingredients for making homemade cosmetics. But even if such purchases are made, the ingredients of the cosmetics in any case, it is cheaper than cosmetics. Buy means to care for the skin or hair, the buyer pays not only for cosmetics, but also for developers, marketers and sellers, for the beautiful packaging, advertising, covers the cost of the storage means. Naturally, at home preparation of cosmetics such costs is not the question.
  • The second advantage is originality. Cosmetics manufacturers like to focus on the fact that the tools that they offer, includes natural plant extracts and other substances. But typically, these components are contained in cosmetic products in very small amounts. For example, in the face mask with cucumber will contain a maximum of one tenth of cucumber extract and lots of stabilizers, preservatives, flavorings. And if you cook the same cucumber mask at home, it will consist of cucumber on 100%.
  • The advantage of the third – freshness. Home cosmetics nobody prepares for the years ahead: compositions for masks for skin or hair is cooked on one, maximum two times. And the minimum shelf life is 6 months or even three years – otherwise the production will be unprofitable. Of course, the cream will not deteriorate during this period, but only thanks to a generous addition of preserving agents.
  • The fourth advantage is safety. Many supplements are indispensable in the production of cosmetics, do not bring the skin is absolutely of no use. They only make the product attractive (for example, giving it a pleasant smell and color), improve shelf life (various preservatives), maintains the same consistency (stabilizers). But the condition of the skin or hair such additives at best no effect, and damaging at worst. So, they can often cause allergic reactions, clog the pores, to provoke inflammation.

Of course, natural ingredients can cause allergies. But at home, this problem is solved simply – refusal suspicious ingredient. When buying industrial tools is not always possible to choose, for example, a cream that does not contain a component that causes allergies – especially if you are unsure as to which component has caused a reaction.


Best recipes

рецепты домашней косметикиDear bleaching creams for leather, you can replace the mask with the addition of lemon juice or lemon oil, cucumber, parsley. Be aware that all of these components are dried the skin, so they can add some softening ingredient. For example, suitable castor oil which also has a bleaching effect.

Masks from grapes and strawberries have long been used to soothe and rejuvenate the skin. Simply apply to the skin of fruit juice or pulp for 15-20 minutes and rinse with cool water. Mask of tomato juice shown oily skin, the flesh of the avocado can be used for the care of dry skin of the face.

To improve the growth of hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, you can use regular castor oil. It makes hair thick, shiny, dark, stimulates their growth and struggles with the fallout.

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