Summer is coming. Fine, but all the ladies ready for it? Mini skirts, short dresses, shorts and, most importantly, sandals and sandals requires beautiful and well-kept feet, which often started after winter. What should I do make my legs look attractive and sexy?

Today, classy clothes can be purchased without any problems. For example,an online store Dasha gauzer offers a huge selection of fashionable clothes, including for the summer of 2015. Care for the feet require more time and thoroughness.
Как защитить ноги от старения
Peeling. The first step to beautiful feet is a cosmetic peel. How to do at home? First, to hold the feet for 20 minutes in the tub with warm water, to which add a little liquid soap. When the skin is softened, with a stiff gloves or towels, which sprinkled a little coarse salt to start peeling. Special attention must be paid to the sole: it to RUB before removing the first layer of dehydrated skin.

The pedicure. During piliga soften nails too. So, it’s time for a pedicure. In the first place, trim them nicely, and then a bamboo stick to remove the cuticle. Don’t need to cut it off, because the next will grow very quickly. If still too cold for sandals, nails can be coated with varnish, later to surprise everyone with the most trendy colors of this season.
Как летом привести ноги в порядок3
Hydration. All self-respecting ladies use moisturizing creams for hands and face, very often, 2 times a day. Feet require the same procedures! Bedtime should anoint his feet with a fat cream and wear 100% natural cotton socks. And another thing: before going to sleep need to make sure that the feet are slightly above the rest of the body to avoid run-off.

During the winter, the feet, most often accustomed to comfortable shoes without heels, so high heels sandals can be a real shock. Doctors and fashion designers recommend to train them before the summer season: and a few minutes daily walks around the room can be a good workout.

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