домашняя одеждаMaking a list of purchases, girls usually careful to choose clothes for work and rest, and home clothes purchased by a residual principle. Most women agree that the family should not look worse than at work, but seriously prepared to splurge on clothes for the house, not all.


A little bit of love

домашняя одеждаWhat is the «love yourself»? This phrase sounds so often that it’s true meaning somehow lost. It is the love of self speculates advertising, forcing women buy brand unnecessary things. And in result, many believe that love is just a big spending on themselves.

In fact, loving yourself a woman differs from нелюбящей not the fact that spends large sums, for example, on your wardrobe. It differs in that the formation of the wardrobe takes into account first of all their own needs. Not taste loved ones, not fashion trends, not the cost of халатика and not his sex appeal, and whether it will be in the clothes feel good. And if you are buying, for example, service office, one cannot ignore the rules of business style and dress code of the company, the purchase of a home service is an opportunity to show to a real love, take care of yourself, make yourself happy.


Your comfort comes first

домашняя одеждаWhat clothes is the most pleasant to wear at home? Of course, comfortable, not constraining movements made from pleasant to the touch fabrics. Of course, not to come to dread own reflection in the mirror, is to choose a beautiful home clothes. Nevertheless, the comfort should be the first priority.

You can use any soft tissue that feel to the skin pleasantly. Hardly anyone will like homewear, which is hard to be erased and must be ironed, it is better to buy and easy to maintain a model of nemnuschihsya tissues. Whether the fabric to be natural? This question is impossible to answer. Of course, natural fabrics usually pleasant to the skin, but they can crush. Therefore the perfect choice will be blended fabric from synthetic fibers. It is advisable to choose for home elastic fabrics that do not constrain movements and allow clothing to keep the form.

With regard to the styles, it is best to choose free stuff. It may be long homemade dress, including with the smell; short frock; sets-two, consisting of trousers or shorts in conjunction with a t-shirt. What kind of outfit prefer depends on personal preferences and on how the girl got used to spend time at home. For example, passive home relax in the long dress or elegant Bathrobe kimono. Mothers with children or a tireless Housewives better to choose a more practical kits with knitted trousers. After the soul is more convenient to just throw classic Bathrobe, Terry cloth, and the plate is more convenient to stand in a simple dress or suit and an apron.

In cold season it is possible to feel so cozy, selecting warm flannel homemade costumes and complementing them soft Slippers or Pets ugg boots. As for the hot summer perfect silk kimono and easy open sets.


Home aesthetics

домашняя одеждаOf course, much more convenient to just walk home in a warm coat, but it is considered unseemly: bathrobes are intended only for morning and evening dress, the rest of the time it is desirable to dress in such clothes, which is not shameful to meet unexpected guests, if they decide to jump up to a minute. Also, I want to look beautiful for home and, certainly, for herself. So instead of a robe is better to choose a stylish home a suit or a dress.

Buying functional kits for home, do not forget about their beauty. Bright prints on t-shirts, unobtrusive embroidery, interesting insertion and stitching – all these details can make a regular kit is very attractive. It is important that the decorations were still practical. For example, fur edge on a home costume looks wonderful, but the need отпарывать it before after each washing, and then sew again some may overshadow the joy of shopping for clothes with such decor.

Whether to carry home the former «street» clothes that are out of fashion? This is acceptable only in case if the clothes are really comfortable. For example, a variety of t-shirts with short and long sleeve, summer dress and pants perfect to wear home. But only in one case: if the clothing looks good, simply ceased to meet some fashion trends. If the fabric is faded or covered with rounded on his clothes appeared tightening or holes, it’s better not even try to wear these things at home.

If some item of clothing especially dear to her mistress, you can try to remake it. This kind of creativity is called кастомайзингом, and it is very popular among those who want to dress nice, original and very inexpensive. You can experiment with clothes for the house, for example, to make the two old t-shirts one new or disguise tissue defects press decorative patches.


Special cases

Home clothes easily look cosy and cute, but not easy seem tempting. So it’s good to have a collection of clothes for home at least one outfit for special cases» – Frank and emphasized sexy. This can be translucent dressing gown, a spectacular night shirt or playful house dress. Of course, such clothing is not intended to meet the guests, games with children or practice cleaning, but to communicate with your loved one, it will fit perfectly.

The sexual homewear may not just be open and very open: after all, no one could see her outside. The use of such kits is a way to tell your loved one about his feelings, to diversify the sexual life and decorate it.

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