домашняя одеждаIs long past time заношенных gowns and stretched training pants, once considered the apotheosis of domestic image. Increased concern about their appearance gradually grew in people understanding that and behind the closed doors of his house to look pretty and stylish. Manufacturers have supported this initiative, offering a choice of a wide range of home service. Homewear far from reader images nightdresses and shapeless Rob.


The criteria for selection of home clothes

The home clothes and imposed different requirements than normal, for everyday wear. Has nothing to do sacrifice in favor of the current fashion, the more so to see you in those clothes are mainly domestic. The arrival of visitors owners normally dress in something more appropriate. Then maybe you should leave the ladies to their bathrobes and nightgowns – nobody sees? No and no again. Modern homewear is multifaceted, so no reason to abandon it. And Terry bathrobes are provided for donning after taking a bath.

Requirements for home clothes:

  • Comfort. Hardly anyone will argue with the fact that sit at home in hard jeans or tight skirts uncomfortable – fittings and excessive snug fit cloth prevents relax and feel free. Therefore, the best options are costumes, like sports, with soft pants or shorts and tops, accompanied by a sweatshirt or jacket pocket. Many brands produce beautiful and comfortable sports kits that are easy to do as the basis of its domestic image.
  • Naturalness. Natural fabrics are well tolerated by the skin, which are breathes and is not easily provoked. Cotton is the most optimal variant for sewing clothes, as, due to different methods of its processing are born different tissue types, from мягчайших to very dense.
  • Resistance to wear and dirt. Women deprived of their hardships of life and other everyday chores may be at least silk bathrobes will be available kipelno-white color. For other choices of clothing which does not need frequent washing, that after washing it is not stretched and didn’t sit down, and from frequent carrying not too fast протиралась on the elbows and knees, – a real challenge. That is why you should choose the clothes of mixed fabrics, where to a cozy cotton and wool added viscose or polyester. Fabrics, dark colors with synthetic fibres provide clothing resistance to abrasion and formation of stains.


Best home clothing

Tank tops, sleeveless shirts, t-shirts with funny slogans, plain or with prints, is the indispensable basic details of home clothes. But when the house is cool, you can’t укутываться in a warm blanket (it’s not always convenient and not to wear a knitted sweater (it may be too stuffy), and wear лонгслив. Long sleeve – «long sleeve» in English, this wider notion indicate the item of clothing, which is a t-shirt fine knit long-sleeved. Longsleeves rush the house during the day, but they are also cool nights sleep. Very stylish look Longsleeves with a large rounded throat cut.

Home dresses – beautiful and stylish alternative bathrobes. Variants of these dresses are many, it may be a mini-dress fine cotton hooded sports type, long large t-shirt dress knee and below (edge can be free or on an elastic band, adjacent to the feet), comfortable dress with a smell.

Trousers and shorts for the house must be on the broad waistband at the waist and have a cord to adjust the width. These models can be loose, but some women prefer tight-fitting items, for example, bike pants or leggings. Their best to combine with spacious tops, cozy home tunics, флисовыми & sweatshirts.

If you are looking for a high-quality clothing for home, you can buy beautiful sets both in sports and in pant departments, and, of course, in online stores. But it is not necessary to purchase complete kits, you can choose things separately and combine them as you wish.

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