медовое обертывание для похуденияLosing weight does not have to become a permanent stress: this process can be done in a pleasant, not to stop halfway, not to break. Massage, firming creams, honey wrap slimming will help get rid of extra pounds with pleasure. Hence, losing weight will be more effective.


Wraps: what is the secret of efficiency?

Wrap is a very popular salon procedure. Its essence is that the skin of the body are coated with special formulations with active substances, after which the body is tightly wrapped with film. Now you have to lie down for half an hour quietly, covered with a blanket, under a pleasant relaxing music. Under film skin naturally heats up, the pores expand, and nutrients penetrate deeply into the epidermis.

The skin after the procedure becomes smooth and soft. Depending on what structures are used for wraps, skin smoothed, rejuvenated, will be filled with vitamins. Wraps are a wonderful remedy for cellulite, and in addition, this procedure effectively helps to fight stress – for example, chocolate or honey wrap allows you to forget about all your worries and relax in the magical aroma of your favorite treats.

Almost all wraps are recommended to take courses not less than ten procedures.

In the salon this course can fly a pretty penny, but, fortunately, wraps can do yourself at home. For them it is not necessary to use expensive structures – will fit most conventional products, which are in any house, for example, honey.


A treat for the skin

Honey is known as the excellent remedy to rejuvenate skin. In addition, bee products help to fight cellulite: skin becomes smooth, soft, smooth and elastic.

For wraps you can use honey as an by itself and in combination with other substances. In any case, the honey should be taken as natural, unpasteurized. If the product is crystallized until (and with natural honey this occurs no later than six months after harvest), it should be slightly warmed in a water bath. Meanwhile boil the honey cannot – he loses all its useful properties. Liquid honey is applied to problem areas, and then the body is wrapped in foil and in a blanket.


Different recipes

медовое обертывание для похуденияThe honey wraps can be mixed with other products to enhance the effect of the procedure. For example, the proven mixture of honey with milk. One part milk (preferably whole, natural, come and cream or natural yoghurt) takes two parts honey. The liquid mixture is rubbed into the skin in problem areas. Then wrap in clear film and go under the blanket for 40 minutes – an hour. After this wraps the skin becomes velvety-soft.

To combat cellulite is a very effective mixture of honey with orange juice. The juice must be freshly squeezed. It is mixed with honey in the ratio of one to two, after which the mixture is applied to problem areas. If desired, instead of orange juice, you can use grapefruit juice.

Another good anti-cellulite recipe – honey with essential oils. Liquid honey at room temperature is added five drops of essential oil. You can use is known for its anti-cellulite action of oil of lemon, orange, grapefruit, cypress, juniper, Mandarin – individually or as a mixture. Honey wrap with essential oils is very effective, but you must remember that some oils can cause allergies. If the skin is strongly tingling, better to abandon the procedure and rinse the mixture from your thighs, buttocks and stomach before you expire location 40-60 minutes.

Honey with cocoa is not only effective prescription from cellulite, but also a great remedy for stress. A delightful aroma to the blend relaxes and creates in the soul a feeling of happiness. Skin becomes smooth, elastic and soft. To combat cellulite even more effective is a mixture of honey with coffee grounds, but coffee on the skin can leave dark spots that are difficult to wash off.

The causes of cellulite are very diverse, and one of them is the malnutrition of the skin. Therefore it can be effective massage or other treatments, which stimulate the blood flow to problem areas. To improve circulation, you can mix honey with alcohol. The proportions of arbitrary – it is important that the mixture does not become too liquid, and it was conveniently applied to the skin. The duration of the treatment 50-60 minutes, after that it is necessary to use a nourishing cream, as much alcohol dries the skin.

There are other effective ways to improve blood circulation and give the skin elasticity. For example, honey can be mixed with dry mustard (in two parts liquid honey one part mustard), apply the mixture on the skin, wrap in foil and then in a blanket and lie down for half an hour. This procedure is not for the delicate skin during body wraps and some time after it can “burn”. But the effect is amazing: after the third procedure cellulite if not disappear completely, it will become much less noticeable.

Another good recipe honey wraps – honey with Apple cider vinegar. The procedure time from 40 minutes to an hour. Natural Apple cider vinegar – the product is extremely useful both for internal use and as a component of various masks, tonics, and poultices. A mixture of honey and Apple cider vinegar (in two parts honey to one part vinegar) gives elasticity to the skin, lightens dark spots, improves circulation, smoothes the skin surface, helps to eliminate through the skin pores toxins. As a result, after a course of treatments cellulite is significantly reduced.

Maria Bykova

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