гидромассажная ванна для ногOn your feet, especially, women’s, daily are huge load. Girls love to flaunt on the heels, which spend the whole day, not wanting to sacrifice beauty legs tucked up belly, straight posture and a prance. But the bill still occurs in the evening. Fatigue, muscle numbness, pain in the feet so common that every woman of the house will be found a means to overcome these unpleasant side effects. One of those – hot foot bath, which is able to combine care and rehabilitation.


Why hot foot bath

To care for your feet can and using massage relaxing and softening cream. A hot tub is not mandatory destination in the care of his lower limbs. However, due to its versatility and speed of impact, and, importantly, affordability, foot bath effect of massage is capable to become a major point in foot care. We all know how well after a hard working day to take a warm bath or put your feet in the water with addition of sea salts or essential oils with a relaxing or slightly cooling effect.

Hot tub allows you to feel all the charm of a normal foot bath, which she combines with a light massage moving rollers, relaxing vibration and incomparable effect Jacuzzi. After taking such a bath can wipe their feet and to apply to them the usual nourishing cream, which will complement the result. In short, once this unit will not in any family.


What is a hot foot bath

Most hot baths feature a compact design that does not occupy much space. Big it is exactly so that you can easily put in her foot. Bath is a small bowl of plastic material with ergonomic deepening foot. The bottom of the tub, usually equipped with rounded massage thorns, in the middle also assumed massage rollers. All baths have a protective plastic visor in front of, he can not spill water during operation.

Important: in the tub lower legs is possible only in a sitting position, do not try to get up into it. To bath did not go on tile floor, legs are fitted with rubber pads.


The functionality of the hot foot bath

Baths have several modes of operation, their number may reach six to eight or more. They differ primarily in terms of the intensity of the massage jets: you can enable or disable vibrate mode, to leave the device to boil barely noticeable or large, significantly massaging bubbles.

On the visor baths often provides signs additional functionality of the device. For example, there may be a lever to regulate the mode of operation, massage cushions or pumice peeling. The kit hot baths in addition to the device itself producers include pumice brush, extra roll nozzles. There are standard baths make specific sounds when working, but if you prefer to do without unnecessary noise, in order to relax, you can purchase a device that runs in quiet mode.

The most simple models hot baths assume that they pour water, which then cools. More complex models equipped with function of heating water or maintain a constant temperature. In addition, there are baths with infrared heating and magnetic radiation, which has a beneficial effect on the blood circulation and relaxes the muscles.


Contraindications to the use of hot baths for the feet

Despite many positive attributes, hydromassage there are a number of contraindications. You cannot use it if irritation, open wounds, ulcers on the legs, fungal diseases and diabetes. Fever, hypertension, varicose veins, or the tendency to form blood clots is also a reason to abandon the procedure. Very carefully to the jets should be treated in the presence of oncological diseases, cardiovascular disorders, heart disease, kidney, and joint pain.

If you have some chronic disease before buying hot tubs do not forget to consult your doctor. At the foot there is a variety of reflex points, connected with the entire body. When hydromassage neither are activated, so the consequences of applying baths with various diseases difficult to foresee.


Where to find the hot tub

Foot bath release those manufacturers who are engaged in other electronics. Quality and quite a budget model can be found in the assortment of such famous brands as Babyliss, Scarlett, Rowenta, Vitek, Bosch, Maxwell, Binatone, Sinbo. Alternatives: baths Homedics, Beuer, Imetec, Sanitas, Medisana, Rolsen.

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