горячий маникюрThe skin needs regular care is not less than the facial skin, but that’s about it, women tend to forget. They do not take seriously the need for power and regeneration of the skin and nail plate just until the moment when they remind you of yourself the most negative consequences. Hot manicure in the aggressive environment is a procedure that should be done by regular beauty ritual. Especially if your nails are prone to delamination and breakage and skin of your hands on the tips of the toes dry and cracked.


What is hot manicure

горячий маникюрManicure is a set of procedures for the care of hands, and not only the imposition of colored lacquer as many girls mistakenly believe. Hot manicure makes warmed lotion or oil, which are brought to a certain temperature to open pores and better penetration of nourishing and regenerating cosmetic components in the skin and nail plate.

Of course, it is not scorching hot, lotion manicure has a pleasantly warm temperature, and there is no risk to get burned. Don’t forget that this cosmetic procedure aimed at recovery of the skin and nails, which withered irrational female feats on the domestic field using aggressive chemicals and weather conditions. This manicure can not be shock therapy, on the contrary, it is a very gentle procedure.


Indications for hot manicure

Hot manicure you can do at any age with a regular frequency as needed. It can be considered as a preventive procedure to maintain the health and beauty of the hands and nails, so as ambulance hands that need them in autumn and winter.

Hot manicure will help to make the skin smooth and velvety, eliminating excessive dryness. Before beginning the procedure, the nails lightly podpisyvaetsya, so cracked and uneven ends are removed, after which reduce the risk of dryness and breakage. This type of manicure is more aimed at restoring the health of the nail plate, rather than hands, because in a warm lotion kept exactly the fingertips, nourished and treatment.

Be sure to resort to a hot manicure women extend their nails.


The effect of hot manicure

горячий маникюрAfter a single procedure hot manicure hand skin becomes hydrated, healthy-looking and well-groomed, eliminates the dryness and painful cracks. The nails acquire radiance, which they lacked. Due to the fact that warm the lotion is absorbed into the root of the nail, the cuticle is lifted, and held a light massage of fingers, the nail plate gets a valuable nutrients, vitamins, improves her breath.

Naturally, all this can not affect the aesthetic form of the hands and area of the nail plate. People who have a bad habit of obsesively nails and rip off the burrs are painful fingertips, inflamed or bleeding from the nail area. After regular treatments hot manicure fingers become healthy and beautiful, with smooth shining nails and without burrs.


Stages of hot manicure

горячий маникюрManicure can be performed both in the salon and at home. For the full procedure on modern technologies necessary apparatus for hot manicure, very simple technical characteristics and easy to use.

Bath for hot manicure small in size and very affordable. Almost all of them, regardless of the manufacturer, look identical is rounded machine with stand for brush and removable plastic tray for lotion, which lowered the fingers. Trays are sold separately from the apparatus, and to ensure high hygiene procedures it is desirable to have not one.

Hot manicure consists of a mandatory stages. The technique of hot manicure at home and in the salon of the same. Before you begin to prepare your hands and nails, warm the lotion in the tub, then put the device in the mode maintain temperature.

  • Skin cleansing. Wash your hands, especially if they were smeared with cream. You can spend easy peeling gentle scrub or a special glove to remove dead skin particles and open the pores.
  • Disinfection. Disinfect the skin can be a lotion, a spray, quickly spreading his hands across the skin.
  • The clipping of nails. Before you dip your fingers in the tub with lotion should definitely file your nails, adjusting the shape and Spiriva all the bumps. Shearing after hot manicure is undesirable because of the skin and nails steamed, there is a risk of injury or infection.
  • Immersion in the lotion. Dip the fingers of one hand in the warm lotion and allow 5-10 minutes.
  • Massage and nutrition. Remove the bolts from the lotion and RUB it into the nail area soft circular massage movements, focusing in the area of the cuticle. This must be done fast enough to handle the cuticle before cooling. Lotion clean cloth.
  • Cuticle treatment. Armed with an orange stick, gently push the cuticle, freeing nail populonia, freeing the root zone of the nail for better breathing and feeding.

Hot manicure is complete. The final touch will be to apply a transparent firming coating or colored lacquer. For better adhesion of the coating to the nail, they need to carefully handle a cotton pad soaked in a degreasing liquid.


Hot manicure at home

горячий маникюрHome this manicure is performed in the same way that professional treatments in the salon. You can buy bath and lotion, repeating all the steps, but sometimes you need a little more knowledge and skill, when you don’t have all the necessary tools and cosmetics.

How to make hot manicure without bath? Very simple: to use this as a convenient bowl, into which is poured the lotion or self-cooked nutrient solution, brought to pleasantly warm state. Preheat the liquid for hot manicure in enamelware, but in no case do not boil. Cool to the desired temperature and dip your fingers.

Composition for hot manicure can be ready purchase or freshly prepared you. It can be left only on the fingers and nails, but you can distribute the brushes, depending on skin condition and indications. With this structure within the hot manicure you can make a warm compress with rubber gloves, that is, to complete regenerating spa-procedure at home. But for this purpose it is necessary to carefully choose a lotion or oil composition.


Lotion for hot manicure

Lotion for hot nail Polish can be purchased in special departments of professional salon cosmetics or in online stores. This is no ordinary cosmetic lotions, namely those designed for warming up, because it is effective at elevated temperatures.

Pay attention to the following names: Warm O Lotion (Gena), Warm Lotion (AllaBella), Warm O Lotion (Adios), InGarden Spa Lotion.


Hot oil manicure

горячий маникюрHot oil manicure will be needed in the case when a light nourishing lotion may not be enough or simply not at hand. Some lotions are composed of vegetable oils, for example olive, almond, coconut, but oil can be used in pure form in a home manicure.

Effective oil mixture for manicure: mix one teaspoon of olive, castor, jojoba and grape seed, add a few drops of liquid vitamin E. it is Slightly warm the mixture on a water bath, but until warm, not hot condition. Immerse hands in the oil mixture for 10-15 minutes, have a massage, rubbing it into the nail plate.

Homemade hot manicure with pure vegetable oils does not normally further manicure with varnish, which will not be held. To make it better at night, after bath wipe hands, removing excess oil composition.

Oil manicure should not do when fungal infection, acute allergies, rashes, local skin irritation and open sores.

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