Бытовая химия: как уберечь ребенка?3Everyone knows how important to keep in their homes and purity. Departments of household chemicals abound in a variety of powders, gels and sprays that can substantially reduce the time for cleaning. With the advent of the child’s home, many parents try to reduce the number of tools, fearing harm the baby. In order to understand, in what quantity can be used household chemicals for cleaning is not afraid for health of the youngest residents of the house, it is worth more to examine the composition and properties of used goods.
Бытовая химия: как уберечь ребенка?
Cleaners and detergents are produced in various forms, and this depends on their composition. For products that have a liquid consistence, characterized by the maintenance of surface active substances. One of the components of surfactants often is formaldehyde, which has a carcinogenic effect on the body and can contribute to the development of cancer. In the composition of the powder is ASAS is a toxic substance which is very harmful to humans. Except as described above, the main components of most of the household chemistry are: acidity regulators, flavors, preservatives, thickeners and dyes. Also, funds can contain caring balms and plant extracts for skin.

To completely wash away from the surface of residues of harmful substances, you should rinse the dishes cold running water for at least 15 times. Not superfluous last rinsing will add a few drops of lemon acid or vinegar.

It is worth remembering that the more effective gel or powder fights grease and grime, the higher the concentration of chemical components. When choosing means of household chemical goods it is necessary to pay attention to the package: the child must be able to independently open it.

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