как красиво завязать платок на шееStylish tie scarf – an art that is easy to learn. With its help one can endlessly experimenting with images due to the only one handkerchief. The shawls can be more, and better, if you have on hand will be a few accessories of different colors under multiple images. If you know how beautiful tie a scarf on her neck, you will have no problems to quickly and easily from the office style, making it an evening or a romantic. Beautiful scarf – accessory Almighty, and his presence will not go unnoticed.


Short bright scarf – irreplaceable accessory

как красиво завязать платок на шееIt is believed that handkerchief on the neck should be of contrasting color, different from the General outfit. This is not always the case, and you’ll understand it if you try to tie neck scarf, which is sustained in the same colour scheme as the top, you will see how stylish it will look.

Take a small handkerchief, fold diagonally and tie at the neck of one node, leaving the triangle behind. Make careless double knot with two small tips. This method is suitable for sweaters textured knit, they can bring the “highlight” in the business kit with smooth top, shirt and strict blazer.


Wavy bow – simple and unusual

как красиво завязать платок на шееSuch a scarf on her neck looks very nice, and to do this, you will not need any special skills. You have to properly fold the scarf – not diagonally, as usual. Take the handkerchief is medium in size and fold his accordion on one side. Carefully, so as not to disrupt the form, tie it to a node on her neck to the side or right in the middle. The ends of the handkerchief will not just sticking out, and wavy and volume, like the petals of a flower. Such a simple and at the same time the original bow can be worn under strict jacket.


Side site – calm classic femininity

как красиво завязать платок на шееThe easiest way to transform an ordinary outfit with a smooth turtleneck, minimalist longsleeve and strict blouse – tie at the neck of a beautiful shawl with a side knot, the tips of which gently fall on his shoulder. Take a small scarf in soft, thin silk print, fold diagonally, tie neck small site, not tightly, and free ring, and turn so that the corner of the handkerchief, and its tip was sideways on different sides of the neck.


Bright bow – confident women

как красиво завязать платок на шееIf your style is flashy, and in everyday life you prefer bright colors, surely you will not refuse scarf on his neck, which will be the main accessory of the image. Take a large silk square scarf with bright print and fold it in one side of the tape. Wrap around the neck, starting from the front, crossing over the rear, letting the ends forward. Tie the ends of the handkerchief volume bow and move it to the side. To the bow was not untied can fix it with a thin pin. This accessory looks good with cardigans and sweaters with deep V-neck. Hair should be selected.


Chiffon in the style is smart casual

как красиво завязать платок на шееMany people mistakenly believe that wearing big handkerchiefs on the neck, loosely tying them, only young girls who can afford negligent way. It is not, because of the large chiffon or fine silk handkerchief on the neck you can put them in the “smart” style, combining it with smooth tops and business skirts and trousers. Take a large handkerchief from fine fabrics and turn it in bulk pipe diagonally. Wrap around the neck twice, leaving him free ring, and tie on the side, leaving the ends with one hand hanging down to her waist. This shawl will transform your everyday style, it can be worn on a shirt, longsleeve, turtleneck, stylish vest.


Demi Union silk and trench

как красиво завязать платок на шееWomen wear headscarves with outerwear rather monotonous, or placing them triangle from the front or wrapping around his neck with all worn outside the front. But there is a more sophisticated way that everyone will appreciate for originality.

Take a large silk handkerchief, put it on a diagonal and turn in the tape. Wrap around the neck, the side perekrestila ends between them and pull them forward, a little “sheresheva fabric” of the handkerchief, giving it volume. Tips pull in the opposite direction through the chest, putting them in the shoulder straps of the trench and pulling back, firmly locking. For this method you need classic skirts trench or other coat, a coat or jacket in military-style, which has shoulder straps.

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