как красиво завязать шарф на пальтоClothes always look more appealing if you Supplement it with accessories. The scarf is one of those, and thanks to the variety of styles and materials, scarf, and how his povezivanje, you can create multiple images for women of different age and style. If you know how beautifully tie a scarf on the coat in spring and autumn you will always look impeccably stylish, especially if this method is not like the others, taken by the majority.

Success depends not only on how to tie a scarf, but also on correct combinations of type of scarf and coat patterns.


Scarf LICs – new youth classics

Purchasing scarf-LICs, you will be able to secure a super trendy youth image that’ll walk briskly and autumn, and winter. If you have a beautiful coat, for example, double-breasted duffle coat with a stylish oblong wooden buttons, it is possible that you do not want to close the front of the long scarf. Stay on snude and will only benefit.

Volume LICs well with coat with wide lapels and collar that can be raised. Wear LICs on the neck, will perekrestie his eight and put back on the neck of the second ring scarf. If you want to emphasize the individuality, attach to LICs badge, brooch or vintage cameo. LICs thick knit with patterns in the Irish style is perfect for women’s coat-pea coat. If the neckline coat deep, you can not even cross LICs, putting it on the neck relaxed free ring and leaving on the chest.


Long scarf-harness

Another youth fashion is to wrap a long scarf of fine knitwear in harness and wrap around your neck several times. This style looks sloppy and incredibly stylish, especially if the scarf is combined with minimalist models coat XXL. To create a simple, but effective images is not necessary to rely on fanciful designs, sufficient contrast between the two parts.

If you are a happy owner of a trendy Hieronymos coat, for example, gray or beige, straight silhouette or model tank, you should try to carry with him the scarf, folded bundle. Take the scarf of thin knitted fabric roll it around its axis harness and wind on the neck, securing the ends to the inside of the ring. Very simple and true. Looks very stylish, this scarf on the unbuttoned coat length MIDI.


Wide tippet or Russian shawl

If your wardrobe has a wide heavy tippet, half of the success of the image is provided, because such a scarf, patterned or plain, can decorate coat of any shape and design. Always looks nice wide autumn or winter scarf with a Russian figure, tied on top form-fitting coat carelessly and freely.

Take a square scarf, fold it on the diagonal, then again in half lengthwise. Wrap it twice around the neck (depending on length) so that the ends are at the front. Tips perelistnite and fasten the bottom. The scarf must lie on the breast freely dropping down, are not as strongly tied.

If you don’t square the Russian shawl and knit tippet, do not fold it, and gently squeeze along to form negligent “accordion”, then just tie on coat. This method of povezivanje scarf is good or long feminine fitted coat adjacent to the body or a little more free carcoats type pea coat.


Classic long knitted scarf

This scarf will be found in almost all because it is a universal model that can be customized for any outerwear. No matter, he or plain print, smooth or textured, in any case, it is open to different combinations with different coats.

Scarf-loop, which is especially loved by the French, is perfect for a coat with deep open throat cut. Take the scarf, fold in half, place on the back of the neck, move forward, skip to the looped end, fasten on the neck finish.

The usual scarf, you can tie asymmetrically, leaving one tip longer than the other. Take the scarf, wrap it around the neck in such a way that one tip was almost hidden in the loop, and the other remained outside. This method is suitable for short coats adjoining silhouette.


Chiffon scarf

Chiffon scarf can be worn at any time of the year, it goes well with a nice coat as feminine style, and new the actual styles and masculine silhouettes. Choose bright chiffon with catchy prints – it completes the image with a concise coat, giving the set of romance. This scarf is best to wear it tied inside with a coat with an open area of the throat.

Take a wide chiffon scarf, wrap around the neck, leaving the tips of the front. Take one end of it, straighten it, and the area of the tip of the stretch on the opposite side, securing the neck. You will get a simple and stylish option, similar to the style “arafate”.

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