как красиво завязать шарфикThe use of accessories, particularly scarves, stoles and shawls – a simple, reliable and stylish way to instantly change the image to give a “flavor”, making it memorable. Knowing how beautiful tie a scarf, you should not worry about what the wardrobe is not too large: spectacular accessory will distract attention away from the clothes and will help in creating an attractive image.


Choice scarf

The most difficult to cope with thin silk scarves. Silk is a slippery material that will not hold the shape, and fix in one place can be difficult. Usually a scarf of silk fastened with clips or brooches, and this should be considered when choosing a method of tying a scarf. Much easier to apply with cotton and woolen fabrics, and knitted scarves.

The longer the scarf, the more ways of tying can think of. It is best to choose scarves not less than one and a half meters long. At the same time, a very long scarves (2.5 meters long) can be difficult to tie nicely, especially if they are made from bulk materials. Therefore, it is best to follow a simple rule: the longer the scarf and the wider it is, the more thin and plastic material it needs to be made.


The most simple ways

The easiest way to wear scarf is to place it on the neck, the ends hanging on the chest. It is practical and convenient, but a little boring – 90% of people wear scarves that way. It is best wrapped once around the neck scarf looks in that case, if the trailing ends are long enough to reach almost to the waist, or even lower.

The scarf, knotted in the front. Need scarf wrap neck district and tied a simple knot. The method is well suited for bulky wool scarves.

“Stranglehold” is another simple but quite effective way of wearing. The scarf should be folded in half and then pull the ends through the loop, tightening it around the neck (hence the peculiar name of this method). However, tighten the scarf is optional – a node can be placed at chest level. Such carrying method is universal, it is suitable for smooth and voluminous scarves, including ruffles and decorations. The length of the scarf should be sufficient to ensure that the ends hung down to about mid chest.


Ways more difficult

For thin and wide scarves of silk, satin or cotton, is decorated on the short side fringe will suit a simple but effective way of tying. Scarf around the neck you need to wrap 1-2 times, to the ends of it hung down. One end tucked under the loop, and the second is fixed on top so that one corner of the scarf was hiding under the loop, and the other hanging freely on your chest.

“Threads” would be quite wide and long scarf of thin fabric. It is better not to use slippery silk, is much better suitable cotton or fine wool. First scarf to be rolled along the tube, which should not be too dense. Then this rolled scarf is wrapped twice around the neck, not tightening it too tightly. The ends are tucked under the loop around your neck and Flirty are released to the outside.

Twisted scarf. Best method suitable for thin long scarves made of non-slip material, plain or ornamented. Feel free to twirl the scarf around the neck, in any case without delay to the loop and the ends hanging freely on your chest. After that, one end is wrapped many times around the loop, and the second remains hanging freely. You can use the clip that this construction does not decay in motion.

“Braid”. This method is suitable for long plain scarves of fine cotton. If the colorful scarf, the original method of tying will be invisible. First, the scarf is worn like a regular noose. After the ends of the scarf through the loop are skipped, the loop is pulled down, twisted, and the ends of the scarf pass through her again. Depending on the length of the scarf, this technique can be repeated repeatedly.

“La Boheme”. The scarf should be folded in half and then wrap around the neck so that the loop was over one shoulder. After that, one end of the scarf passes through the loop, loop roll, and the second end is passed through it. It is best to tie this way long thin cotton or woolen scarves of the same hue, with the effect of “degrade” or barely noticeable ornament.

Scarf with long fringe will be interesting to look if to tighten it around the neck, the ends crossed on the breast, and then dangle them forward. Now you only have to miss the ends of the scarf through the loop formed and beautifully to straighten your fringe.

Short silk colorful scarf or handkerchief can be turned into a necklace. The scarf is folded in a loose plait and secured the knots in several places. Now we need to tie the ends so the scarf is not around the dog’s neck, and hung down like a necklace or choker.



The easiest method to carry tippet – that is, very wide and long scarf made of light fabric is to place it around her shoulders, leaving the ends to hang down in front. If the tippet is very long and the fabric is very thin, you can try to connect the ends of the scarf in the back, shoulder blades. The site should be as flat and unnoticeable. It need to cover the rear part of the tippet.

You can wear a stole and like a regular scarf, wrapped casually around the neck, leaving one end hanging in front, and the second at the rear. Sometimes in this case you may need a little brooch or clip to fix.

Another interesting way of wearing the stole – throw it on the neck so that the ends hanging forward, and then grab them with a thin belt. Such carrying method helps to hide a protruding stomach, but can emphasize a wide waistline.

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