как правильно бегать по вечерамMorning jog – it sounds great, it is a matter of respect to those who can wear in the morning tracksuit and run around in a dormant streets, or on the trails in the Park, at dawn in motion. However, there are many supporters of Jogging in the evenings, and they believe that there is nothing better than to run after the working day, for the most part, sitting table. What time of day is ideal for Jogging – debatable; it is best to choose for Jogging time, the most suitable for you, otherwise enthusiastic novice runner may not last long. In any case, it is important, how correctly to run at night to bring the greatest benefit to the body.


As you tune in to an evening jog

Even those who rise of vital energy is observed closer to the evening, it is difficult to force myself to run, when most people dine or have to prepare to go to bed. In such cases, many come up with a different excuse to postpone a run on another day, but it usually leads to the fact that people no longer run, or does it only sporadically. How to configure itself to run and ignore justify their reluctance to go in the evening on a treadmill?

  • If you are tired

«I’m tired» is a common excuse those who want to skip a jog. Indeed, when over the course of the working day, the crowds in the crowded public transport or traffic jams on the road, and home Affairs – just want to relax. Give yourself 15-20 minutes to rest: do nothing, or do something enjoyable and effortless – for example, listen to music or watch TV. You must remember that in fifteen minutes you will stand up, dress up, and go for a jog. You can drink a small Cup of coffee, eat a little chocolate or candy – they contain simple carbohydrates to instantly give you strength and calories received by the organism together with a treat, you will quickly run out on a treadmill. And remember that the best rest is a change of activity, and thus for a jog, too, can entertain.

  • If you are busy

Domestic work, communication with your spouse, children, friends and relatives, going to the restaurants and cinema – all this, of course, one cannot completely give up, but if you notice that you have less and less time for sports, work on your schedule and select the time for Jogging. In the end, if you don’t maintain your body in good shape, with time entertainment will bring you more joy. Treat runs, how to clean teeth – they should not be missed simply because sooner or later it bad effect on your health.

  • If you are afraid to run at night

In this case there are two options – either to run in the morning or afternoon, or do everything possible to ensure your safety: run through the lighted streets, always carry a mobile phone, and so on. Below we’ll talk more about security during the evening jog.

  • If you have no excuse

You just don’t want to run after work? Or you don’t want to run around and do any other sports? Tell yourself that you will run at night only in three to four weeks, and at this time, under any circumstances do not shy away from training. Psychologists say that during this time, the person developed a new habit, and therefore, about a month you will not have to persuade myself to get out for a jog. Another option: arrange to run with another – it is desirable that he’s been running for quite a long time, and was not inclined to miss a workout. Experts say that people are much more difficult to abandon the practice, even not the most pleasant way or another connected with other people. Moments of weakness will be, but you will be embarrassed in front of his friend not to go for a run just because you are tired or not can plan your day so that remained in it time for sport.


Recommendations to those who jog in the evenings

  • Get enough sleep. It is important for all, regardless of what kind of sport do person, or where he works. However, in this case, it is worth to talk separately, as Jogging in the evenings sometimes can lead to sleep problems. All people are unique: some perfectly falls asleep immediately after return from a run and take a shower, and someone can’t sleep if you ran less than 2-3 hours before bedtime. What is the best option for you will have to determine empirically. In any case, make sure to Jogging in the evenings not to hinder the full-fledged, healthy sleep, without which you can’t really train effectively.
  • Do not run immediately after a meal. Plan your day so that between food and Jogging took place about three to four hours (the main meals; between a light snack and Jogging can pass a couple of hours). If necessary, half an hour before Jogging, you can eat a small portion of carbohydrate foods. Running with a full belly, regardless of time of day can cause nausea and vomiting, in the best case – a feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, that just hurt you to run long enough and quickly.
  • Drink enough water during the day. If during the day, your body is not enough moisture in the evening it is unlikely to be in good shape. You can feel good, but for a jog’re going to get tired faster than usual.
  • Watch out for the weather forecasts. In summer the temperature to sunset can be several degrees higher than after sunset, and therefore run in the summer dusk can be much more comfortable. In winter, the opposite: the temperature can drop after the sun sets. Choose a time for an evening jog, based on the assumption, at what temperature you the most comfortable run.
  • Talk about their plans. Telling your partner or a friend that you are going to run tonight, you rather do that than you can silently bear this plan in itself. You can write about it in social networks – and at the same time to obtain the support of virtual acquaintances. Telling someone about his intention, a person enters into a contract: even if nobody asks him a report about a jog, he himself will be embarrassed to succumb to laziness and stay home, if she told someone that will run.

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