как правильно бегать по утрамEven people who hate early mornings, and the thought of the active work in the morning gives them a shudder from time to time dream start Jogging in the morning. Make it a lot easier than it seems: you just need the right mentality and for some time to overcome the desire to linger in a warm bed – pretty quickly, it will disappear by itself, and you will see that there is more intense pleasure. We can only understand how to properly run in the mornings.


First steps

  • Weigh up all the arguments «for» and «against». If you are still unsure whether you need to run in the mornings, to take a decision you will help the classic way: take a sheet of paper, divide it into two equal parts, and one of them write their arguments in favour of an early morning jog-and in the other arguments against them. The disadvantages may include, for example, the need to go to bed earlier than usual, run around in the dark in the early morning, and so forth. About some of the pros Jogging we’ll talk below.
  • Connect family members. If in the morning you need to prepare Breakfast, gather the children in school, and more time to work itself, to jog, you may have to get up at five in the morning. This is not the best idea, especially if you rarely go to bed before ten or even eleven o’clock in the evening. Tell your husband that you want to run in the mornings, and you need his help to have enough time for everything – for example, he can take the preparation of Breakfast. If a man is interested in you were slimmer, healthier and more energetic, he is sure to help.
  • Select a suitable route. Reluctance to get up early in the morning is not the only obstacle to potential morning joggers. A common problem is that the places where you can safely run the day, early in the morning are simply dangerous. Before you start running, you simply have to walk this morning around and find a route with good road surface and lighting.
  • Buy quality clothing and shoes. Running shoes should be very easy, and is suitable you on a size. On a morning jog it is better to wear light clothes, and not to forget about reflectors which allow drivers to notice you with a sufficiently large distance.
  • Invent a mantra, which will inspire you on a morning jog. It stands to make in advance, but not to invent something, when the alarm clock rings. Examples mantra: «If I go on a run now, going all day feel great, if extra half hour sleep – I will blame myself this all day,» or «a Couple of minutes of discomfort now, but then that would be a good reason to be proud of themselves».
  • Few can just Wake up and run at least until it became a habit. Therefore, the first being the need to start preparing for the morning jogs the night before.
  • Go to bed on time. To sleep, most people need to sleep 7-8 hours a day. Therefore, if you want to take a run at six in the morning, go to bed not later 10-11 in the evening. Resist the temptation to watch a movie or read a few pages of the book, telling myself that you have enough of six hours of sleep. Not enough, but if you can get up in time, the whole day will suffer from itching and problems with concentration.
  • Dine right – and the sooner. What you ate for dinner on the eve of, and has a direct impact on how you will run this morning. So well dinner you should be dishes, rich in carbohydrates and proteins, for example, the risk with vegetables and fish. In addition, dinner early – preferably between dinner and the rise of the morning passed 10-12 hours.
  • Prepare clothes in advance. Sports form, which is two steps away from the bed, significantly increases the likelihood that you stand on the first call, the alarm and put on her. Even better, if the form will prepare your partner: he is easy to just put clean clothes on a chair in the bedroom, and you will be doubly ashamed (yourself, and before him) to not go for a jog.
  • Sleep in the dark – it greatly improves the quality of sleep.
  • Follow the rituals of bedtime. If before bedtime you engage in vigorous activity (including mental), you are unlikely to fall asleep, so climb the morning run will not be easy. Half an hour before sleep don’t do anything which requires significant effort, or calling a strong emotions: for example, at this time do not dance or watch the news. Instead, take a shower, drink tea, meditate, or listen to relaxing music.
  • Put the alarm clock correctly. Set the alarm clock correctly – means to do so, to minimize the likelihood that in the morning you just don’t hear it or put it to sleep for five minutes or half an hour). Select alarm cheerful ring or put the alarm clock far from the bed, so you could not turn it off, not getting out of bed. If you don’t want to Wake the others, buy a vibrating alarm clock.


In the morning before the Jogging

  • Turn on the light. A bright light in the morning acts as an irritant, but it also gives your brain the signal that it is time to Wake up.
  • Have a snack. In General, to eat or not to eat before Jogging is a question of taste: many people are running on empty stomach, and eat only after a workout. However, experts say that a little carbohydrates and proteins help to improve athletic performance. There should be quite a bit: one banana, a piece of a whole-rye bread with cheese or boiled eggs would be enough. If desired, you can also enjoy a Cup of coffee. And don’t forget about water – glass of water before the Jogging is required and for those who jog on an empty stomach.
  • Do not expect miracles. In the development of new habits take time, so don’t be surprised if in the next few weeks you will be hard to get up for the morning run. As a rule, only a couple of months after the first Jogging in the morning early mornings begin to be easy, and even brings real pleasure.
  • Start slowly. First of 800-1000 meters should be run at a slow pace is necessary so that your muscles, «woke up». The remaining distance you can run in the usual pace.

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