Yet many ladies know what a beautiful and lush lashes, not always are given by nature. Modern technologies and methods can be given extraordinary, magical aura in the form of luxurious eyelashes. Increasingly popular artificial eyelashes, which can be done at home, and beauty salons.
Сколько стоит красота наращенных ресниц1
What is this concept: eyelash rates? Consider this procedure on the example of cosmetology salon. A visit to the salon, you will see two options technologies – poresnichnoe or beam.

Professional extension technique is very time consuming and difficult task. Each synthetic lash master glued on top of the native. The process of increasing it takes time for one to two hours. The result – the beauty and naturalness.

Beam technology – a little easier and cheaper. As a rule, the beam consists of three artificial cilia, which are pasted over natural. This process is not complicated and takes time to half an hour. This method can be used at home.
Price eyelash in the salons is so. The cost of the necessary materials plus the cost of the wizard. Materials covered include: a tool for gluing, remover, eyelashes single (400 rubles), eyelashes beam (up to 150 rubles), protective tape, transparent glue, glue black. Glue is applied only hypoallergenic.

In the VIP salons offer plastic materials producers in the USA and Europe. Service eyelash, will cost approximately 5,500 rubles. In ordinary hairdressing salons, beauty salons, will cost from 1000 to 2500 rubles.
Сколько стоит красота наращенных ресниц3
In order to do eyelash independently, to the basic materials needed improvised means: scissors, tweezers, brushes, lamp for eyelash with magnifier.

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