Hands are the second face of each of the fair female.

Not only to create the perfect manicure, but also keep it off permanently, you must adhere to certain rules of the coating on the nail plate. Significant role is played by the sequence of manicure treatments.
Экспресс-маникюр в домашних условиях
If girls along the contours of the nail grows too quickly, the cuticle, the protective lacquer will constantly crack and flake off. Accordingly, in this case, manicure have to do every few days or every day. In order to please their loved beautiful appearance, every girl and woman needs at least one Bathrobe in the closet. You can select it by visiting the online store of robestoday on the Internet a huge amount. Buy in online store is cheaper compared to the purchase of a gown in the “real” point of sale.

At least once a month to adjust the growth of the cuticle, to adjust the length of the nail, and also to keep the ends of the nail plate. Thus an important role to save the manicure as it is initially played by the speed of growth of the nail plate.
детский маникюр 3
Beautifully coloured nails the first time to do not as easy as it might seem at first glance. Coating technology of the nail plate depends on what nail design should be done. The most popular is considered to be a solid coating of varnish. Plain manicures are also regarded as a classic.

To create a plain manicure, initially it is necessary to degrease the nail plate. To do this, use acetone or a special cosmetic product.
Экспресс-маникюр в домашних условиях4
After that, the nail is applied podlahy hardener. With it, you will be able nadolgo time to maintain the freshness of the lacquer. After drying of the first layer to the nail, apply the second – the main Polish.

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