как набрать весMost often, the people trying unsuccessfully to gain weight to the cause of low weight-see at a fast metabolism or hereditary tendency to emaciation. Very thin people have big problems with buying clothes. If you believe that quickly gain weight keeps the consumption of large amounts of calories, you are mistaken. Calories without physical activities and a properly sized diet serve only to increase of body fat, but one will still stay thin.


Common errors

Specialists advise to begin to gain weight, increasing the dose of your calorie intake by 500 calories a day, so you can add up to 0.5 kg per week. 500 calories is not much, but enough to not feel the hunger or not excessive satiation. These calories can come from the tiles good chocolate or thick milkshake. Ideal weight depends on the person’s height, age and sex. To calculate the appropriate body weight, use a formula to calculate body mass index. Gain weight is impossible without a good appetite, stimulate hunger help exercise, work at home, or just walking in the fresh air. A glass of wine or any other aperitif helps to awaken the appetite and eat more than usual.

Those who are trying to gain weight, often make two mistakes, it is considered that recover help more frequent meals, and consumption of various kinds of fast food. Actually three full meals a day without any breaks for very well stimulate the appetite. Some nutritionists believe that the refusal from snacking gives the body a signal to the «stockpiling» fat, but this statement is rather true for people with overweight. If you waive your food intake, you will lose weight even more, feeling hungry even light, the body begins to spend stocked previously calories, i.e. you lose weight even more.

Make sure that the food that you eat, contain nutrients, proteins, and carbohydrates. Harmful food from fast foods helps gain weight but he is distributed very unevenly distributed, fat accumulates inside and outwardly the person remains in the same thin.

If you smoke, try to quit. Smoking reduces appetite, and if you are going to eat, don’t reach out for a cigarette before eating, sometimes in low body weight blame constant stress.


Healthy diet

To gain weight, food should be healthy and balanced diets need to include products of different colors, rich in vitamins and minerals.

A very important role in the set weight and increase muscle mass plays proteins, so after a workout or heavy physical load you eat a protein bar or drink a protein shake.

To recover eat high-calorie foods, but calories need to be supplemented with nutrients. What products are useful to set the weight?

  • Fish
  • Coconut oil
  • Eggs
  • Cheese and butter
  • Dried fruits
  • Whole grains, including bread and pasta, whole grain.
  • Beneficial oils
  • Yoghurts
  • Brown rice
  • Chicken meat
  • Potatoes
  • Soybeans, lentils and other legumes
  • Milk and cheese
  • Nuts and seeds

Do not forget to include in the diet of foods rich in cellulose, cellulose regulates digestion and helps prevent constipation. Good sources of fiber is whole grain, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, greens. Natural fats nourishes the body with energy, you should not completely abandon fat, but should abandon harmful saturated fats, which, for example, are contained in the melted butter. If you are trying to get well, don’t be afraid to add in food and vegetable oils, such as olive oil. In a gram of fat contains almost two times more calories than a gram of carbohydrate or protein (9 calories per gram of fat versus 4 in proteins and carbohydrates), olive oil is exclusively composed of fat, that is in the Cup oil contains 1920 calories. What we lead here these numbers? The answer is simple, to gain weight, food should be nutritious, and products such as olive oil, promote increase of calorie content of any dish.

Dairy products also help increase the amount of calories consumed, such as peanut butter or milk. To provide the organism with a greater number of calories, not drink milk pure and milkshakes, cervical added fruit, and so forth.

Whether you type it weight or lose weight, the body needs vitamins and minerals. Two to three times a day, eat a fruit, because fruit and vegetables are the main sources of nutrients.

The principle of a set of body mass is that the number of calories consumed must not exceed the amount of burned calories per day. However, this «balance» must go on construction of muscle mass and not fat increase.

There is an opinion that fizzy drinks help gain weight, there is a grain of truth, but it is better to replace them not less high-calorie fruit juices,

In order to lose weight, we do not allow ourselves to have after six in the evening. Does this mean that you need to have a late night, if we want to get well? Indeed, late and abundant meals contribute to the increasing of the weight, but it is better this way, no abuse, no matter how easy and attractive it may seem.

Of course, dial the desired kilograms in a short time is impossible, it is a long process that involves the proper exercise and healthy diets.

As for sports, the best way to build muscle is the performance of exercises with weight from кардионагрузок better to refuse at all, or reduce their volume to a minimum. Specify own training program, which must be present squats with weight, deadlift, abdominal exercises, exercises with free weights and so on.

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