как добиться идеальной кожи лицаHow to get perfect skin? Perfect skin glows from within, devoid of imperfections, has a healthy uniform color. All this is possible in connection with the observance of a number of requirements, and in the pursuit of beautiful flawless skin to buy an expensive tool or even a whole range of professional cosmetics, is not enough. For perfect skin need to fight inside and outside, and it is not a single act, and the work that takes more than one week until the first positive results, and should last a lifetime.


Perfect skin as a result of systematic work

We perceive the skin as a membrane, a kind of case for our body, but greatly underestimate her. The skin is our largest organ, its surface area is approximately two square meters, and its weight exceeds the weight of the liver.

The skin is a complex organ, on which rested a huge number of functions, and how well it will do, depends on how we care for it, how expended, or take lightly.

Perfect skin is not only sleek and beautiful, this skin is healthy, and her health and beauty, in turn, directly depends on the state of internal organs, digestive, nervous, cardiovascular, immune system. All are so closely interrelated that to omit the importance of the internal health of the organism in the struggle for perfect skin unwise. Moreover, the skin is an indicator of the health of the internal organs, particularly the intestines and urinary system. The more factors that affect the skin condition, you will be aware, the more opportunities will soon boast a perfect face, which does not require a lot of makeup.


A healthy lifestyle

как добиться идеальной кожи лицаA healthy lifestyle includes the rejection of bad habits and a gradual alignment of graphics full of sleep, nutrition, exercise and stay in the fresh air.

Frequent use of alcohol and tobacco the most negative impact on the organism as a whole and on the skin, making it dehydrated, and the color is dull and uneven. Ideally, Smoking should be abandoned altogether, and the use of alcohol to reduce.

Regular sleep is very important for skin beauty. From lack of sleep appear circles and dark circles under the eyes, the skin becomes dull. Secure your 7-8 hours of sleep, do not neglect the fluorescent rest if possible.

Dull complexion can chase you from lack of oxygen, especially if you spend a little time in the fresh air. Try more walk in the fresh air, of course, away from highways. After a walk, especially in cool weather, the skin begins to breathe, and through the participation of moderate cardio in the form of a walking step, improves circulation, skin regains a healthy glow.

Do not sit long at the computer, leave the habit of surety eyes, you will touch the face, often change your pillowcase on a pillow, and if you have oily hair, avoid bangs, annoying forehead.


A balanced diet is the best diet

Skin nutrition depends not only on the composition of the resources that we have placed on it from the cans and tubes, and first and foremost on our own power. It is necessary to abandon polyunsaturated fats, ignore fresh fruit and vegetables, fill the menu with smoked meat and fast food, you will notice skin changes for the worse very soon. Sweets, especially chocolate, excessive cause acne and redness.

Those who seek to perfect the skin, should enrich the diet of fresh vegetables and fruit, white and red fish, nuts, cereals, seafood (low calorie, rich in minerals, including zinc, necessary for the normalization of sebaceous glands). Replace sunflower oil olive, flax or grape seed oil – the last two are especially good for skin as when it is eaten, and exterior proteranii.

Clean water is essential for good health and good hydration, uninterrupted flow of processes of metabolism and detoxification. If the water in the body is not enough, the skin will react instantly dryness, peeling, feeling of tightness. Drink approximately 2 litres of clean water, better mineral without gas. Morning is good to start with a glass of clean water, not fresh juice, which is better to move at a later time.


Cosmetic “three whales”

как добиться идеальной кожи лицаCleansing, moisturizing, nutrition – on these three foundations is based beauty and skin health. Some cosmetic brands produce line, which includes tools designed to meet these needs of the skin. Lines are designed for different skin types, contains tools that fully meet the requirements for cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

For quality cleansing twice a day is necessary to use a gel, a cream-gel, or soft, milky body lotion for washing. One or two times a week to remove dead skin particles, alignment, elevation and open the pores, use gentle peeling.

Deep hydration is necessary for elasticity, radiance, to extend its youth and resilience. Never apply makeup on a clean face, always use a moisturizer before this. Day cream should have SPF protection 15-30, during periods of active sun – up. For Mature skin moisturizing creams should have firming properties, the ability to smooth out wrinkles by neutralizing hyperpigmentation.

Nourishing creams and masks more dense in texture, to use them best in autumn and winter and at night. This facial deeply nourish it, start the process of regeneration, resist aging and build the immune defense of the skin. Oily and combination skin needs nutrition less and less frequently than others, especially at a young age.


Professional care

Even with minimal skin problems, which you feel, is easy to handle on their own, do not ignore the effectiveness of professional skin care face. The esthetician will cleanse the skin, it will receive a charge of youth from the inside out, building collagen-elastin frame again. In addition, a professional will be able to advise you on the best ways to care for skin to renew her youth and beauty. Light chemical peeling with fruit acids or cleaning then vacuum method, sculpted facial massage with removal of fluid from the tissues – these procedures will never become redundant even for healthy skin. If you suffer from running acne, hyperpigmentation, dullness, tone, uneven skin texture, a visit to the beautician it is not necessary to hesitate.

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