Quite often you can find women whose nails look not that ugly, and horrible. They are stubby, crooked and unattractive. The reasons for such problems may be multiple, but the main bad habit of nail biting. Even from an early age is detrimental occupation destroys the nails and leaves unpleasant consequences — short nail plate.
Beautiful and bright picture on the cyst of hands will distract attention from unsightly nails. Modern masters use a very fine tattoo needle, through which the pattern on the skin produces a natural. If you do not overdo it when selecting a tattoo, it is quite possible that creative design may be one way to hide the drawback.
Короткая ногтевая пластина. Как скорректировать невыразительную форму45
Lengthen the nail plate in several ways, including:

  • nail;
  • move aside the cuticle and the transition from nail brush to remove dirt from under the nail;
  • cosmetic products, stimulating the growth of the nail;
  • visual methods (using nail Polish).

To fix the problem, which makes from complexes of many young girls and adults women in the home and in the salon.

Improvised methods of lengthening the nail plate

Homemade ways to lengthen nails – and long-term time-consuming, but quite effective. Regular move aside the cuticle contributes to the lengthening of the nail plate. You can also trim cuticles or remove it using drying creams. The transition from the nail, which undermined his fingernail while cleaning the brush also a good way to make your nails as appealing as the heroines of advertising creams for hands.

Cosmetic products: masks, baths, lotions and sprays is to stimulate the growth of nails, and a special oil for the cuticle contributes to the fact that its growth is slowing and the problem of removal periungual skin disappears by itself.
Короткая ногтевая пластина. Как скорректировать невыразительную форму
The right manicure, runs with some tricks, will help to quickly deal with the problem short nails. One of these secrets is the French manicure. Not only is it just along the line where the nail ends, and slightly higher closer to the tip. To hide the line emerges, the nails are smeared with a special opaque coating. Another way is to grow your nails and paint them matte dark lipsticks. Saturated colour perfectly hides all the flaws.

Method salon – nail

Those who are to lazy or just don’t have the time to care for toenails, ideal procedure. Under a layer of sculpting gel all the flaws become invisible, you can also choose the shape and length. The only disadvantage is the need to take breaks between additions in order to restore the tips of the nails that under the influence of synthetic drugs to become fragile and brittle. During this period, as it is impossible by the way will home ways.
Короткая ногтевая пластина. Как скорректировать невыразительную форму2
With simple manipulations you can change the shortcomings of the female body, which would seem to forever remain “spoiling the picture”. Short nail plate due to proper care, in a short time is lengthened and become an ornament, the hallmark of any woman.

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