как выровнять цвет лицаUneven complexion can occur at any age and depends on many factors. Someone uneven natural tones connected with local redness due to problematic skin, in other age hyperpigmentation, or caused by ultraviolet light. For each case will need careful consideration of the problem and its solution both inside and outside. How to align complexion and whether you can do it once and for all? Everyone would like to solve the problem at a time, but in most cases, if you are not serious hyperpigmentation for medical reasons, you will have to resort to different methods from time to time, carrying out prevention of the problem of uneven tone.


Exfoliation and massage as the basis for a smooth tone

Пилинг и массажPeeling with a light massage is a good and simple tool to obtain a smooth complexion, which can be used quite often. At the time of peeling the stimulation of blood circulation, and skin after it gets cheerfulness. It is important that exfoliation or massage large abrasive particles was friendly and not aggressive, so that after the skin was not unnaturally flushed.

If you don’t want to damage the stratum corneum of the skin, and you just need to gently massage it, use the abrasive particles on the skin, which is pre-applied nutritional milk or cream-gel cleanser – they neutralize the effect of “the trowel”.

As home scrubs alignment of color skin you can use a large ground coffee, crushed grain rice, coarse sea salt, as well as softening the basis of olive oil. If the skin needs to whitening, you can add a few drops of lemon juice, but only if there are no open sores.


Home remedies for complexion

Домашние средства для выравнивания цвета лицаYou can use natural remedies for quick clean up of the face and smoothing the skin color. They can be used as a mask for the entire face or to a local compresses, considering the different tools depending on the specifics of your problem.

White clay suitable for oily skin, it is the perfect matte finish and gently whitens it, well evens out. To get rid of age spots, you can use lemon juice, diluted with water, or juice of parsley. If you suffer from bruises under his eyes, which exacerbate negative impression of the uneven tone of the face and make it difficult for beautiful makeup, you can wipe the eyelid skin with ice cubes.


How to align complexion cosmetics

Как выровнять цвет лица косметикойCosmetics to transform the face quite a lot, it concerns and caring, and decorative cosmetics. One of the most progressive decisions in recent years have become BB-creams, and then CC-creams. Both these families include tools that are transforming the face, aligning its color, giving a smooth and healthy glow. The difference between these means is that you should understand.

Under BB-creams involve funds that fall under the category beauty balm, blemish balm, that is, the masking pimples and redness or “beauty balms”. This creams complex actions and moisturize the skin, and protect it, and give tone, but not as dense as the classic tone means. If you are looking for the cream, smoothing the complexion, but don’t have much skin problems, you may want to get this BB cream.

Famous bb creams on the cosmetic market:

  • Garnier Miracle skin the Perfector (first bb cream, released on the European cosmetic market);
  • Estée Lauder Daywear B. B Anti-Oxidant Beauty Benefit Creme (elite cream American brand, suitable for skin care, which need deep moisturizing);
  • Dr Jart+ (cream Korean manufacturer, quickly returns to a smooth skin tone and radiance);
  • La Roche Posay Hydreane BB Cream (the cream of the famous French drugstore brand, which is required hypersensitive and problem skin);
  • Shu Uemura BB Under Base Mousse (light mousse not only with the alignment tone, but with excellent matting effect).

как выровнять цвет лицаCosmetic alternative to bb creams can serve cc-creams, where CC is Complete Correction or “full correction” or “Color Control”. CC creams are called more upgraded version of the BB-creams – they are well cared for skin, adjust and even out the complexion, giving it a beautiful glow of youth. Brand, producing SS-creams, often produce different tools for different skin tones, as it usually happens in lines tonal resources.

Known and effective CC creams:

  • Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream SPF 30 Hydrating Colour Corrector (cream for hypersensitive skin with hyaluronic acid);
  • Olay Regenerist CC Complexion Corrector (a comprehensive tool that includes a serum, moisturizer, tonal basis and the SPF filter);
  • Darphin CC Cream Instant Multi-Benefit Care (cream, transforming color and smoothing the texture of the skin, filling in fine lines and pores);
  • L’oréal Paris Nude Magique CC Cream Anti-Redness (cheap cream for a natural makeup and smoothing skin suffering from redness);
  • Max Factor Colour Correcting Cream (democratic cream, excellent leveling complexion);
  • Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream (cream to align the face with the correction of acne and other imperfections from the brand, which is known for its impeccable reputation makeup for photo shoots);
  • Bobbi Brown CC Cream (lovely makeup, cream, smoothing the complexion and skin texture);
  • Yves Saint Laurent Forever Light Creator CC Creme Colour Corrector (based cream pink pigment, which awakens tired dull skin, giving the face a natural glow);
  • Chanel CC Cream Complete Correction (one of the first on the market CC-creams, with a thick texture and rich composition).

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