как правильно наносить тональный кремGiven the success, which gained Foundation BB cream, cosmetics manufacturers quickly switched to producing other tools alphabetically: CC, DD and even EE creams. It is easy to get lost in the characteristics of all these products and immediately to understand how to apply concealer.


Foundation BB cream

Foundation BB cream first conquered the European market since its inception a few years ago. Initially it was used by Korean women who wanted to hide imperfections on the face after cosmetic procedures. Foundation BB cream has moisturizing, soothing, protective and equalizing the skin tone properties. Concealer is used to hide defects of the skin: redness, spots, dull tone of the face, acne. If you want to even out skin tone, stop on a light cream, and light tan is more suitable for a darker cream.


Tone CC cream

Foundation CC cream is primarily used for leveling the tone and easing redness. The cream is suitable for different skin tones, thanks to encapsulated pigments, which are released during the application of the cream. Violet CC cream helps with dull skin tone, yellow, and green are used against redness, orange – glow.


DD cream

DD cream protects the skin, strengthens its protective barrier. The cream is suitable for those who want to protect the skin from sunlight, even in winter and even in the city. In addition, the cream protects the skin from polluting of the environment.


HER tone cream

HER tone cream combines the properties of all previous funds and improves the elasticity and vital properties of the skin with the help of members of the anti-aging active ingredients. The main action of the cream rejuvenate the skin and fight against wrinkles. Tone cream IT is suitable for those who want to apply for a separate anti-aging agent and tonal basis.


Correct application of Foundation

Tone cream is applied in the morning on cleansed face before applying make-up. The BB cream effectively replaces the day cream and the application takes no more than a minute. Tone cream is applied in the same way as classic Foundation. Apply a small amount of cream on the nose, forehead, chin and cheeks. Then apply to face using circular sweeping motions. Don’t forget about the ears and neck. The excess funds can blot with a paper towel.

Concealer can be applied with a sponge or a brush, but this is best done with your fingers. Hands from the heat of the cream literally melts into the skin. To lock the concealer using a thin layer of powder. If necessary, you can use the blush and concealer.

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