как правильно наносить тениEvery girl sooner or later faces the need to beautifully applied makeup, flattering her face and hiding flaws. And if she’s just a beginner in the field of decorative cosmetics, it is faced with the difficulties associated with one or another type of cosmetic. Not everyone knows how to properly apply eye shadow, which is enough to get lost in them. The shade is not enough to learn how to apply, before purchasing it is important to choose the suitable product for your skin type and build on it.


The choice of the type of shadows

как правильно наносить тениEye shadows are available in different forms, and they all have their particular application and, as a consequence, they can look quite different and produce different aesthetic effect. When choosing eye shadow need to take into account, first of all, your skin type and features of the facial structure and eyes. So, eyes with swollen eyelids is contraindicated in any Shine, then the shadow of the liquid water-based and with the effect of mother-of-pearl or glossy lights are not suitable.

If the skin is dry, you should not use dry shadows, which can cause irritation, it is better to stay on creamy. Women who are Mature age and have the eyes of all the signs in the form of a mesh of wrinkles, one should not take creamy, and other types of liquid shadows that roll down and hammered into wrinkles. It is better to prefer them high-quality lasting silky shade of luxury brands, which are applied with a natural brush.

Shadow-tattoos, which come in bright shades, should be left for the young fashionistas, whereas women are more adults should stay on dry classics in the form of compact shadows to work, which you can also collect on the eyelid in a delightful Smokey eye effect in the evening.


Classic three-dimensional makeup

как правильно наносить тениHow to apply eyeshadow for everyday makeup? Eccentricity and mobility trends of modern fashion almost does not affect the established categories. Three-dimensional eye makeup is still relevant, because it fits almost all types of faces and the shape of the eye regardless of completeness. The key to successful three-dimensional makeup – correct placing shadows, in the classic version in one color, but in different degrees tonal saturation. How to apply brown shadow to everyday makeup look natural, but powerful? This perfectly fits the scheme of the three-dimensional drawing shadows.

Put on the skin of the century primer, which will align it and smooth out fine lines, allowing the shadows to go smoothly, and without holding on to for a long time. All of the area of the rolling of the century, coming on the stationary part, apply the lightest shade, which will become a canvas or the basis for the dark. Thoroughly blend. Take shade to darker tone and apply from the lash line, shading up and shifting the line to the outer corner of the eye. Form field shading should resemble the shape of a butterfly wing, but more specific recommendations depend on the shape of the eye and the type of shadows. The darkest shades of focus from the lash line if you want to get a hazy effect, or forming these shadows tick, embracing an area of a century since the outer corner of the eye. If the eyelids are swollen, is put dark shadows in the problem area, but then they should be perfectly matte.

как правильно наносить тениIf you don’t know how to apply black shadow, then the above method works best for you. Black shadows are darkest in the three-dimensional makeup. It can be two-dimensional, if it is black to complement a neutral brown or pearl gray for a Smokey effect known today. For black shadow best and safest form – compact and Matt. If you often go out with this makeup, take care of purchasing a dense brush of natural bristles with which to impose postoperatively black shadows very easily. For a dramatic evening makeup black shadows can be put on the entire surface of the eyelids, carefully shading them. If you want to create makeup spectacular, but more calm, stick to the line of black shadows on the ciliary margin.


How to apply eye shadow tattoo

как правильно наносить тениShade-tattoo – this creamy tool, but not simple and familiar. By themselves, the shadows on cream base are not cosmetic changes, but previously these tools were produced with low pigment content, because and did not cause such number of questions and concerns. Shadow-tattoos differ neon brightness of the offered shades, the most famous to date, the shade of this type in the segment of mass market releases brand Maybelline.

Like other creamy means of decorative cosmetics, shadow-tattoos require a prepared surface, so the eyelid skin should be smooth, smooth, hydrated. To apply eye shadow-tattoo you the finger, placing the tip of a small amount, shading tool from the inner corner of the eye to the outside. As a rule, neon shadow tattoos are applied to the entire surface of the eyelids, but the eye makeup, you can combine two contrasting shade, or one bright, the other neutral.

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