как правильно наносить косметикуEven professional makeup artists happen to the days when the tone falls not as it should, lashes curled in the wrong direction, and the shadows did not want to rastushevyvaet evenly. What to say about ordinary women who have their own wisdom to comprehend the technique of makeup. Perfect makeup is a delicate matter, but knowing how to correctly apply makeup, you can learn how to apply makeup like a Pro.

Where to start? Of course, good tools, good brushes, which in the art of makeup does not play a role as important as the makeup itself.

Flawless makeup is a combination of good brushes, quality cosmetics and, of course, certain skills, if one of these factors does not meet the standards of quality, the makeup is unlikely to come out nice and neat. Makeup artists recommend not to save on makeup brush and purchase a set of brushes of good quality.

кисти для макияжаIn order to apply makeup like a professional, you will need eight brushes:

  • brush for applying Foundation;
  • concealer brush;
  • bulk powder brush;
  • blush brush (flat or round);
  • brush for smudging makeup;
  • flat brush for eye shadow;
  • brush with a beveled tip;
  • brush for application of lipstick.

In the art of makeup is also important how you hold the brush. The closer the fingers to the working end of the brush, the more pressure we exerted on him and depends on the specifics of the application of cosmetics. Cosmetics to lay down evenly, the brush should be held so that the fingers are positioned in the center of the handle of the brush. If you don’t have, for example, a flat brush with a beveled end, don’t worry: simply press with your fingers the bristles surround the brush, so that the working end has acquired a flattened shape.

What are the current beauty products and how they should be applied?


Base, primer, concealer and other

как правильно наносить макияжLasts longer than makeup, which are preserved, the better. The secret of the durability of makeup is in the primer. Any base or Foundation will fall more evenly and will last longer if you apply primer. If you like Smokey eye makeup, without primer not do, with this shade will remain in place, they not only will lie evenly, but will not crumble and don’t smear during the day.

Women of Mature age, makeup artists recommend to refuse a make-up base with dense texture, such a basis it is better to replace CC cream. New generation creams concealer perfectly evens skin tone, concealing redness, dark spots, enlarged pores and other imperfections.

After applying the CC cream minor imperfections can be corrected with concealer. Try to choose a concealer that does not dry the skin and provide a soft, close to natural color.


Highlighter, bronzer and the art of contour

контурированиеThe play of light and shadow in your makeup plays a very important role. Wyswietlaj some skin areas and dimming other, can dramatically change the shape of your face, to emphasize the dignity of appearance and hide her flaws. For example, for his eyes sparkled, apply highlighter on the upper part of the cheeks and lips seemed fuller, try to brighten the area above the upper lip. Wyswietlaj the area of the face, you make it more visible what is dark, attracts less attention.

A round face can be made more oval as follows: a bronzer two to three shades darker than natural skin color, draw on the cheek of the figure three, moving from the temple, under the “apples” of the cheeks to the chin. Gently blend the bronzer with your fingers, following a drawn outline.

Wide forehead can be corrected by darkening the outer edges of the forehead along the hairline. To contour use a bronzer. To give a more sophisticated form of broad flattened nose, darkening the sides of the nose starting from the inner edge of the eyebrows, the Central part of the nose should lighten the skin.

пудраSagging cheeks can be raised slightly as follows: apply highlighter on the top of the cheekbones towards the temple, the cheekbones, apply blush, and under the “apples” of the cheeks, apply bronzer. A good blend of the border.

For a more dramatic effect you can use the highlighter with a slight flickering effect, this texture reflects light better, as for the bronzer, in this case it is better to choose funds with a matte texture, which, in contrast, is better at absorbing light, thus creating the desired contrast.



The powder product is mixed. After thirty makeup artists generally recommend to refrain from using powder, especially a dense cream Foundation. Too thick a layer of powder makes you look older and emphasizes wrinkles. If you absolutely can’t do without powder, apply a thin layer only on the T-shaped area, so you remove skin Shine, and for ever, so that shadows are not “pushed”. Try to use a mineral powder or any other, but with soft and silky texture.

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