как наносить пудру на лицоFace powder is one of the main cosmetic products for simple and effective makeup. How to apply powder to the face, because it is one of the most used tools in the world? It helps you quickly touch up makeup during the day. Among other things, it’s kind of a secret ingredient for fixing makeup.


Advantages of face powder

The coating powder can improve the appearance of the skin and emphasize the radiance of its light, to conceal small flaws and blemishes and create a flawless look. Powder eliminates Shine, hides fine lines and wrinkles. Powder for the face suitable for:

  • podpravki Foundation;
  • eliminate Shine;
  • absorption of fat;
  • give the skin a flawless look;
  • skin protection from the weather;
  • the freshness of makeup;
  • disguise minor flaws;
  • give the skin a smooth and matte;
  • protection makeup throughout the day;
  • absorption.

Many women are interested in, not whether powder clogs the pores? Of course not, if the powder is of good quality and is chosen in accordance with skin type. The composition of face powder include talc, kaolin, calcium carbonate, collagen, essential oils and fatty acids. It allows the skin to breathe and protects it from negative external factors.


Types of powder

Face powder is available in different variations and textures that correspond to different skin types. The two main types of powder is compact and crumbly. There is another type of powder that is becoming more and more popular. We are talking about mineral powder.

Compact powder is in a box and can be applied with a sponge. It is perfect for podpravki makeup during the day. Compact powder also hides defects, dark circles under the eyes and redness, creating a flawless look. Compact powder can be applied directly to the skin or Foundation.

Loose powder is in a special container and can be applied with a large brush. Typically, loose powder is translucent, but it provides good coverage. Besides, it calms and eliminates redness without creating Shine. Loose powder is recommended for oily skin types, because it contains ingredients that absorb excess fat, which is not compact powder. Women who don’t like to apply makeup, loose powder helps to even out skin tone and adds color to the face. The powder is suitable for all skin types, especially for normal.

Mineral powder is free from chemical ingredients and fragrances. She is hypoallergenic. Mineral powder lasts a long time on the skin, does not clog pores and allows the skin to breathe. It can be applied directly to the skin or Foundation. Mineral powder reduces wrinkles and cares the skin giving it a healthy look. The powder is applied with a brush or a sponge after applying Foundation and before applying eye makeup.


The details of using powder

Loose powder is applied evenly with a brush, it is comfortable, especially on the contour of the face. The application of a powder depends on the desired end result. When applying powder with a powder puff to a denser result, using large brushes easier. But in any case, be careful not to overdo it. Too much powder will transform your face in white plaster mask. Start to apply the powder on the center of the face: forehead, chin, and contour. Then apply the powder on the remaining part of the face. Don’t forget to apply a thin layer of powder on the neck, otherwise your face will lose its natural, especially if you use a powder darker than your skin tone.

On oily skin compact powder is applied by powder puff. The powder is applied in a thin layer on top of the Foundation. Make sure that all areas are covered and don’t forget to apply powder on the eyelids. Excess powder will remove a large brush. Change your puff frequently because oils and dirt can stick to it and cause infections and irritation on the skin.


A few simple rules applying powder

  • Always choose a powder that is close in tone to the natural skin tone.
  • To avoid orange tones of the skin, use translucent powder.
  • Never apply powder to infected skin areas.
  • Always remove excess powder with a big brush.
  • Do not forget to apply powder on the neck and ears.
  • Make sure that the brush and the powder puff clean.
  • Do not apply too much powder to avoid the mask effect.
  • Don’t forget about the sides of the nose.

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