как правильно наносить тени на глазаAlluring and expressive eyes in most cases is not a gift of nature, and the result is correct makeup. Knowing how to properly apply eye shadow on the eye, you can not only hide the flaws of appearance and to emphasize its advantages, but also to give your look the mystery. The correct choice of cosmetic products and application technique – the key to attractive make-up.


Choice of shades

First, you need to decide on the color scheme. Shade is selected depending on the eye color and skin tone, to a lesser extent, from hair color. Incorrectly chosen according to color shade, no matter how perfect the technique of makeup, only spoil the appearance will look on the face of alien spot.

For daytime makeup perfect shade of brown, gray and beige. If the skin has a cool tone, it is better to choose cold same shades of eyeshadow, and for Golden and yellowish skin tone shade with warm tones. In the evening you can experiment with bright shades of unnatural colors blue, purple, green. Matching them to the color of eyes, you can achieve very interesting effects.

When buying shadows most women are looking primarily for their color. But the consistency of the shadows is also very important. Alternatively, you could use the eye shadow compact. Almost not inferior to them from the point of view of practicality crumbly dry shade. Those who take the time suitable shadow pencils. They are very fast and easy to apply, give the makeup a nice wet Shine, but quickly roll into the crease of the eyelid.

Shade mousse is easy to apply, shade and giving eyelids a light Shine. But you must apply them very carefully, in small portions, because to wipe the excess is not so easy. Finally, liquid shadows – the toughest, after drying, they can stay for a long time. Sometimes, however, these shadows can fall in the crease of the eyelid.

For a very simple everyday makeup well suited shadow pencils. It is enough to run such eye shadows to gaze sparkled. The eye makeup requires a minimum of time and effort. It is easy to use and liquid shadows. They are easy to apply on the eyelids with a brush. We must act quickly, because the shade dry instantly. For this reason, they are hardly suitable for complex multicolor makeup.

To create this kind of makeup should I use compact or loose shadows. These kinds of shadows apply and shade brushes, which allows you to create makeup from a variety of shades, smoothly flowing from one to the other. This makeup will give your eyes a particularly attractive expression that best accentuate their beauty and hide some shortcomings (for example, overhanging eyelid, drooping corners, small size).


Application technique

Shade for daytime makeup is applied in daylight (window), evening make-up in the artificial light. You must first apply a tinted moisturizer and a special base for eye shadow – this will smooth the skin and make makeup more lasting.

Now you can proceed directly to applying shadow. Makeup artists are strongly recommended to use the brush and not the applicator that is attached to cosmetic products. Only with the help of brushes, you can create professional makeup with the correct shading.

The classical scheme of applying makeup is applied on the entire surface of the upper eyelid base eyeshadow Nude, beige or sand color. It is better to choose not matte and not shiny eye shadow – delicate satin texture is optimally suited. Then under brow applied with a light shade of tone – semitone-tone lighter base. Not worth it during the day use a dazzling white shadows, they look unnatural. The same bright shade emphasize the lower eyelid from the inner side.

Then you need to apply on the upper eyelid shade darker hue, departing from the inner corner of the eye about a centimeter. Shadows are applied on the moving part of the century and shaded upward to temples. Border crossings colors must be carefully shaded with a brush. The same shadows emphasize the lower eyelid from the outside.

The next step is applying a darker shadow on the upper eyelid along the lash line on the eyelid from the outside. You can use one color of eyeshadow, but looks more interesting makeup, if applied shade different shades, harmonizing with each other. All color transitions again carefully shaded.

The final touch is the application of light shadows in the heart of the upper eyelid along the lash line, over the pupil. You can use the same shade as the century highlighting under the brow. Appropriate light Shine. Land, light stain gently to blend. This technique will make the eyes glow.

Some prefer to emphasize the brighter the eyelid, others prefer if the darkest shades of eye shadows go along the lash line. Both options have the right to exist, as long as the makeup was making eyes more beautiful and expressive.


Masking flaws

Sometimes it is not enough to highlight the natural beauty of eyes – you also need to correct small defects of appearance. Using makeup is quite possible to visually change the shape and size of the eyes, just in this case it is necessary to apply eyeliner in a special way.

For example, if the eyes are too close together, the distance between them can be visually, if you ever closer to your nose, apply the lightest shades of eye shadows and corners of the eyes near the temples to emphasize brighter. The eyelid emphasize only from the outside.

If the eyes are set too wide, it uses a different technique. Closer to the nose can and should apply dark shadows, and closer to my head – light. You should not extend your eyes and draw arrows.

Small eyes is not necessary to outline the “framed”, especially the very dark shadows. Visually will help increase their shade several shades, carefully shaded from light colors to dark. Should not be limited to bright shiny shades of the same color – contrary to popular belief, it won’t just increase the eye, but will make them less expressive.

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