как наносить правильно макияжHow to apply the correct makeup, following the algorithm, it is useful information for any girl who is learning how to create your own style. The key of beautiful make – up is not only high quality cosmetics and perfectly matched colours. Many girls do not know how to apply a particular tool, released in newfangled texture suffers from all the makeup. That face looked well groomed, means of decorative cosmetics should be applied in a certain sequence, paying attention to the peculiarities of application of different forms and textures.



Clean smooth skin needed to make lay evenly and well kept.

Thoroughly clean the skin soft cream-gel, can slightly go scrub to eliminate dead skin particles and smoothness of the skin. Pat dry with a towel, wipe clean with a matte effect to eliminate and prevent Shine.


Moisturizing base

Hydration is necessary for any type of skin throughout the day, but if you apply makeup, do not forget about to moisturizer does not conflict with decorative cosmetics.

Pick up any special primer with the alignment effect and protect the skin or moisturizing day cream, which can be used as a base for make-up (usually the manufacturer indicate this on the packaging). Ignore this step because there is no need to apply Foundation directly on clean skin – may cause irritation and the tool will fall straight down during the day.

Apply the cream or primer, wait until completely absorbed. For eyelids and lips better to use a separate primers, which are designed to protect and as a base for makeup for these areas.


Masking defects

If the skin has pimples, redness, roughness, natural colors, they need to disguise dense creamy concealer/corrector. The same applies to the bruise under his eyes. To disguise the redness you want to apply the tool with a greenish shade, hide dark circles under your eyes will help the concealer with a yellow base. Funds must be carefully shaded the skin, leaving no visible boundaries.


The formation of a smooth tone

After you hide the defects of the face, you can begin applying toners. Creams containing oils, reflective particles, tonal fluids liquid consistency with reflecting effect perfect for Mature skin with marked mesh of wrinkles, dull skin, normal skin in the winter for dry skin. Oily and combination skin will need tonal mousse with a matte effect or thin breathable fluid without oils.


Eliminate oily Shine

After applying toners wait some time until it is completely absorbed, leaving no trace. The excess tone, you can wet a clean cloth, lightly powdering. The powder should be not corrective, and transparent so as not to create color dissonance and not to overload the face.


Eye makeup

Eye makeup, you can start with underscore eyebrow pencil or shadow. gently trace the line of the eyebrows by imitating the hairs. color decorative means for eyebrows should be darker shades of hair at the roots.

Forever is recommended to apply a primer for leveling terrain and better consolidate shadows. It is applied in a thin layer, after which the lid can be lightly powdered. shadows are drawn tight short rounded brush, finger texture should blend towards the outer corner of the eye. After the shadow is applied to the circuit, if necessary. pencil outline or liquid liner overlap very close to the lash line. Pencil outline carefully shade, day make-up circuit is not necessary to make a very clear and expressive.

Completed eye makeup – mascara-day it can be easy lengthening, preferably gray or brown, in the evening you can take a voluminous black mascara effect dramatic theatre curl.


Makeup lips

Lips should also be prepared for the application of decorative tools primer. It evens out the surface and provides makeup. When washing lip gently treated with a mild exfoliating tool for removing dead skin particles, if his lips are prone to dryness.

For application of any funds for the make-up of lips is better to use a brush or applicator included – lipstick out of the case falls unevenly. If the lips do not have a clear path, mark it with a pencil that matches the colour of the lipstick or a tone lighter. Color in lips with small strokes, without leaving the line. Flaws eliminate a cotton swab.


The blush on the cheeks

Blush with day make-up can not be used. If you want to emphasize cheekbones, choose a light peach blush or pink-cream, depending on the range of makeup and your color type.

Apply blush compact by gently diagonally without pressure wide dense brush, lightly her cheeks, focusing on the place of the basin to better delineate cheekbones and sculpted face. Bronze blush or powder can be lightly walk on the chin, correcting the shape of the face.

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