Как привлечь любовь в свою жизньLove is a feeling, which dreams, perhaps, any girl. And if it never arrives, it needs some way to try to attract.

For example, a lot of interesting and unusual tips on this subject there is in the ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui towards the special planning of the surrounding space, to circulate positive energy. So, what is recommended by the masters of Ancient China to those that are desperate to meet your soul mate?

According to the beliefs of Feng Shui, romance and luck in love may be brought, provided that in the southwest corner of your bedroom (the so-called love) there will be sites that attract auspicious energy. To attract the man of dreams will help rare perfume that will leave You a wonderful plume of flowers, herbs and fruits.

First, inspect your home, assess all of the things that therein are, and get rid of everything you don’t need, it just takes place. This is especially true of the southwest sector of the bedroom. The items that had been preserved from a previous relationship – the first candidates for release. You can put them in a separate box and take it somewhere away from the house to the universe learned that you have opened up to a new love.Как привлечь любовь по фэн-шуй

Of great importance are the images that adorn the walls of your home, especially the bedroom. The most effective will be paintings or pictures of couples hugging or dancing. Well, if they’re attending a red hue and image of fire.

Another traditional Chinese symbol of happy love life — a pair of ducks-Mandarin. It is important that their was two. If there are no ducks-Mandarin ducks, in principle, instead you can use a couple of any other birds, for example, budgies.

Early marriage, according to Chinese beliefs, foreshadows the so-called dual symbol of luck, which can be easily found in any specialty store.

Will help to attract into your life the love the lamps. Particularly effective in this regard, crystal. Enough to hang a small crystal chandelier in the southwest area of the bedroom and leave the lights on every night for about three hours.

Feng Shui can help in saving a marriage has already taken place. In order to protect the welfare of his family life, in no case do not place near a bed of mirrors and television sets, and avoid the presence in the bedroom of the symbols of the element of water, which is believed to be extinguishes passion.

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