как стать красивойIf you think that this is how to become beautiful and seductive, and that without makeup this is not possible, then you are mistaken. Many women do not dare to go out without makeup, believing that without it they look like real monsters. In most cases it is not. Makeup helps us to look more bright and beautiful, but it is not mandatory fresh and attractive image. Adhering to certain rules, simple and nice, you can return your skin’s natural radiance and beauty.


Healthy skin

With age our skin loses elasticity, appear dark circles and bags under the eyes. Make-up slightly to lighten the face helps eye shadow white colors for maximum effect should be applied on certain points: the inner corners of the eyes, brownie arc, whiskey and the top point of the upper lip. If you have light skin tone, choose a shade with a bluish tint to darker skin color will be more suitable shade with Golden shimmer. But make up only a decorative item, revitalize and refresh your skin, you can use more natural products.


Natural cleansing

как стать красивойGrapes is a great product for improving skin tone. Cut into thin slices several large grapes and thoroughly wipe face and neck cut side of the grape. Grapes is a wonderful exfoliator, fruit acids gently remove surface dead skin cells and you do not need to go to an expensive salon.


How to remove puffiness under eyes

Pre-stand in the refrigerator for cream eyeshadow, you will increase its effectiveness. Cold cream is the best removes puffiness and tightens the skin of the eyelids. Apply the cream in the direction from the outer corners of the eyes to the nose, so you will derive from excess tissue fluid. If you often Wake up with tired, puffy face, give up the habit of sleeping on his stomach. To increased accumulation of fluids in the tissues leads salted food and alcohol for the night. The solution to the problem of swelling of the face is in your fridge is a package of frozen vegetables, you can use any. Just apply a cold pack to the face for five minutes. This tool is as easy as effectively.


Fighting acne

To deal with minor rash, and occasional by pustules, you can use popular homeopathic remedies: Arnica, which has excellent anti-inflammatory properties, and oil, green tea, known for its antibacterial effect. The mask using these components it is better to put on your face before you shower, the steam from the hot water opens the pores, promoting a better penetration of nutrients into the skin cells.


Eliminate wrinkles

как стать красивойCover the face with a towel, pre-soaked for ten minutes in hot water, then apply a thick layer of cream or a moisturizing mask. On cheeks, chin, nose and forehead place the plastic film, it will not let precious moisture to evaporate, after a few minutes, remove it and rinse with warm water.

The skin is the largest organ of our body, and for its correct operation should power both outside and inside. She is just like any other body need vitamins, nutrients and sufficient moisture. In addition, to preserve the beauty with the help of good sound sleep, moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages and the rejection of bad food. To look good without makeup, you need to preserve the naturalness of their appearance and regularly take care of herself.


Beautiful eyebrows

Beautifully decorated eyebrows look carefully, they will “open” the eyes and emphasize the depth of the eyes. If your eyebrows require correction, do not delay this procedure on then, regularly visibility excess hair or smooth them using the serum for hair gel in this case, not ideal). Apply serum upward and outward with your fingers or a clean brush mascara. Serum captures well the unruly hairs and creates a play of light in the eye area.


Fluffy eyelashes

как стать красивойIn order to give your lashes extra volume and length, not necessarily buy the most expensive mascara. In this case, come to the aid of the usual vaseline, just apply a thin layer of this wonder drug for eyelashes and you will get amazing volume and length. Vaseline is a universal tool, but to describe all its advantages to need a separate article.


A dazzling smile

That dentist needs to visit at least once a year know all, but many limit their visits preventive procedures or solution of urgent problems. Often we forget about teeth whitening, meanwhile, it was bright white-toothed smile is one of the most visible signs of beauty and health. The whitening kits at home sold in pharmacies. Some recommend that you periodically clean your teeth baking soda, however, abuse this Board is not worth it. Too frequent use of baking soda can damage tooth enamel.


Luxury hair

как стать красивойBeautiful, thick and strong hair is every woman’s dream. For any, even the most thick and healthy hair, you need to properly care for. Regularly moisturizing mask for hair, if you use ready-made masks from the store, try to buy funds without the content of the silicone and parabens. The brightness and radiance of color-treated hair will retain special shampoos without sulfates concentration. It is the sulphates are guilty of the destruction of the color pigments and the loss of the living, vibrating colors.

Do not be lazy to do hair masks from natural ingredients. If you have absolutely no time, just make sure that your fridge has always been the mayonnaise. Mask of mayonnaise is the easiest and most affordable way to strengthen and nourish hair. Cholesterol, which is found in this popular sauce perfectly nourishes the cuticle of the hair shaft. Apply to wet hair half a Cup of mayonnaise, carefully spreading it along the length of the hair. After fifteen minutes, rinse the mask off with cool water and wash your head with shampoo as usual.

Don’t forget that our appearance is a reflection of our inner health. To the condition of the skin caused fears and doubts, do not be lazy to take care of yourself, exercise and watch your diet. It is very important to develop confidence in their own beauty and perfection. Uncertainty and internal stiffness in varying degrees, is immediately reflected in how we look. Often repeat to yourself that you are the most charming and attractive, this phrase from the famous film really is something.

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