So that the hands were manicured, and a fresh manicure, do not have to spend money on salon treatments. First and foremost, you can use an ordinary lemon, it is used to strengthen. For this, we need to take a lemon, cut it into two parts and put each of them into a mug. After that, you need to stick nails in the flesh of the lemon for ten to fifteen minutes. The secret of this firming mask is that it does not need to wash your hands, as some think. You just need to wait until the lemon juice dries on your nails. This method is considered to be one of the most economical, because after the procedure, throw away the lemons don’t need. You just have to take and wrap them in bags, put in refrigerator.
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There are many more such procedures. And can not bother the house, but simply to visit a beauty salon in Kiev, where he will lead nails in order. But for those who do not have time to visit the salon treatments at home — the best option. So on.
Какой маникюр в моде весной 2016?
There is a very common mask for nails with red pepper. It not only strengthens nails, but also accelerates their growth. Of course, the first time to do it scary, because there is a misconception that it can popeci nails. But only one procedure in a week and the nails are growing by leaps and bounds. In order to make this mask you need to take one small spoonful of pepper, the same amount of hand cream and a little warm water (to dissolve the mask to the desired consistency). In a glass mix well, add water little by little, the mask was not very runny. When done, put it on for two to three minutes in a bowl of hot water, stirring constantly. After that, apply on each nail and keep for half an hour. Rinse with warm water and dry your skin. Hand cream should be applied necessarily, because the pepper dries the skin. Manicure can be done in three to four hours after application.
Как ухаживать за руками зимой
Very common is the mask with red and white wine. Red wine is used for thin nails, it is best to take Cahors. To do this, on a water bath to heat half a glass of wine and two tablespoons of sea salt unscented. When the salt melts, and the wine will be cooled, it is possible to stick to the nails and keep twenty to thirty minutes to cool. White wine should be used against yellow stains. It’s simple: wet a cotton swab and wipe. In day it is possible to do so several times.
It’s certainly not all the ways, but they very quickly will bring the desired result.

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