Как стать эффектнееWant to look younger than their years? It does not need to constantly visit beauty salons and to enlist the help of plastic surgeons. Enough to know and apply some tricks that will give you not only a youthful appearance, but will also make you more attractive, slim and graceful. In achieving your dreams will help you with a few tips from Rachel Zoe, Hollywood stylist whose services are used by many film stars of our time.

The first thing to do is to learn how to choose the right decorations. Choosing long and thin jewelry, you make the neck more graceful and beautiful. Besides, this way you can draw attention away from the buttocks and abdomen, if their appearance does not suit you. If you prefer a necklace of medium length (up to mid chest), then you know that this technique will attract the attention of others to face. Want to balance the overly rounded shoulders? Use of a large number of bracelets and rings that will take views on the hands and wrists.

Not less important to choose the right color tights and shoes. Note that dark tights and shoes strained feet, and additionally excellent protection from the weather. Cold wind, cold and dampness. Harder in the summer. In the warmer months you want to choose shoes that will be repeated skin tone of your feet.

Take into account that the sharp toe in combination with a thin heel is the perfect way of lengthening of legs and achieve harmony. In such shoes every woman can afford to be special, more seductive and feminine.

Girls who have skin on the body is not perfect, and damaged by cellulite or varicose veins should first take care of the tan. He will be able to mask defects. There are two options: the first is to use the Solarium, the second is to use funds for tanning or bronzer. After this your skin will become beautiful and healthy appearance. Of course, you cannot forget about regular waxing. By the way, current prices for waxing services in Moscow you can find out by customers zefirspa.ru.

If your goal is to look taller and slimmer, you’ll enjoy a solid ensemble and high heels. In such clothes, your shape will fit. In the same way, should act dark jeans or plain straight trousers without prints.

With regard to universal service – jeans, so advantageous to combine it with a blazer. You will look young, slender and… happy!
An important place in the list is the right neckline. For those wishing to extrude the silhouette, you need to wear a jacket, top or sweater with V-neck. The owners of great priests is better to choose tops with wide necklines.

Not last role is played by the lingerie and its size. Do not buy lingerie in a size smaller than you need. You don’t want your “bodies” appeared in front of others. It will look very unaesthetic. So it is unlikely you will become more attractive, slim and toned. Always choose clothes by size. Only then will it be to emphasize your strengths, and not to identify defects.

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