Profession makeup artist now one of the most popular in the industry of beauty. If you’re an absolute beginner in this matter, but really want to start work and get money for it, here you will find the most important tips.
Как стать лучшим визажистом: советы новичкам3
Professional makeup artist become difficult to require certain knowledge and practice. First of all, you should follow a course of makeup. Schools providing such services today. The price is different, begins in the middle with 9000 rubles. Choose the correct and good school easiest-recommendations and reviews by former students.
After the necessary knowledge and certificate obtained, is worth to be a large set of cosmetics. inexpensive cosmetics professional make-up artist not uncommon, but it must be of high quality. Large selection of various cosmetic products offered in the stores, so you can order it on the Internet. In the package of required cosmetics must be a makeup remover nutritional Foundation, three shades tone cream (light, medium, dark). What about eyeshadow and lipstick, make the choice difficult. Therefore, easier and more profitable to buy a palette of different shades. Also in the Arsenal of professional make-up artist is always false eyelashes, La decoration eyelashes (rhinestones, sequins), pencils for eyes and lips and a set of good brushes for makeup.

The beginner always difficult to immediately announce itself and to find a sufficient number of customers for a decent wage. First you need to make a minimum set of works with the wedding and the usual paints (for example, work out the relatives and friends). This will develop your first portfolio.

Wedding make-up, certainly the most tremulous and profitable. The bride usually do a test version (paid half the cost). With just two or three good wedding макияжей, and hearing about your abilities will disperse rapidly among other brides.
Как стать лучшим визажистом: советы новичкам
As advertising their services, you can create groups in social networks. Running efficiently and requires no investment. Then you can create your business cards by placing advertisements in magazines, for example, in the wedding.

Master this profession is not so difficult, important to stock up on desire and patience.

Article publication date: November 29, 2013

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