Как вести себя работающей мамочкеWorking mommy – not uncommon in our world. What motives drive women would that leave kids and go to work, guilt and anxiety for the kid in every single one of them.

1. Guilt

And by the way, psychologists say, is often no real problems, only burdening her conscience awareness that favorite kid stayed home and not getting mom’s attention.

Working women with children have always been and always felt they guilt.

In fact, the baby does not care whether you work or not, much or little you earn, as long as he always felt the love and care. Flour conscience is the place to be in those cases, if we restrict it to communicate with mommy, and not when we are trying to improve the lives of families.

2. Honesty

Important point: children should always be honest. No matter what prompted you to go to work is financial difficulties, depression and boredom at home, the desire for self-actualization, but to hide the real reasons the child is not necessary. As not necessary to exaggerate and dramatize saying: “We will be hungry, if I don’t go to work.” It is best to talk about work in a positive way: “I go to work, because I like it there and we can afford to buy you lots of cool new toys, you wanted a radio-controlled helicopter?”.

To admit that you love what you do – do not be ashamed. Do NOT think that speaking to the child about what you get pleasure from work and change their career. Showing that at work you get a lot of positive emotions, give kids the incentive to strive for a better life and don’t underestimate him self-esteem, and, in the future, and fulfillment in their profession. Perhaps your experience will help them to make important choices in favor of some sort of activity.

3. Proud mommy

Working mommy children are proud more often. The child always feels joy to parents, if they are interesting, successful, those that are happy with their profession.

If you go to work you forced the situation, the tragedy of the build is not worth it. The little information that you have to work you need to present carefully, no need to say often that you with pleasure would sit at home with him, instead, to go and earn money.

4. Business mommy

Working mom wants to atone for his absence in the house, and often fills up with all kinds of gifts, indulge him in every way. But if she is always confident and calm, the way business mom is very even fits into the picture of the world of the child, if Crouch in front of the baby, “buys” the love of a child, knowingly pushes him to the game and manipulation.

And if connects father, who constantly scolds mom for what she pays very little time with the family and home, the kid enlists the help of the other parent and be able to ask anything: buy toys, new designer, house for Barbie, etc. are Not disclosed to the manipulation of her husband and children, nipped them in the Bud.

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