Как заваривать ягоды годжи

If your goal is to lose weight with the help of Tibetan barberry, you will be interested to learn how to brew and drink Goji berries. Although dried or dried fruits you can eat right now, some people their taste is not very much. Quite different is the case with a drink that solve several problems. First, you get a fresh, delicious, all-natural tea, which will allow to compensate for the deficiency of water in the body. Secondly, these drinks more active removed from the body of excess fluid and cause the intestines to work.

Teas with effective additives

Recipe 1. The easiest way how to drink Goji berries, is a regular infusion. For the beverage need to make 100 grams of fruit with two cups of hot water, but not boiling water (liquid temperature 90 degrees is considered for this purpose optimal) and cover. After 20-30 minutes of your miracle-the tool is ready for use. This tea is recommended to drink in a warm, undiluted.

Настой из ягод годжи

Infusion of Goji berries

Recipe 2. If you want to know how to brew Goji berries to really reduce the appetite and effectively cleanse the body of toxins, it’s time to think about the health benefits of ginger and add a small amount of the spine in which is made the drink. The proportions would be: 250 ml of hot water you will need 5-8 berries and 1 tablespoon peeled and grated ginger. Then follow the previous scheme of brewing.

Recipe 3. How to brew and drink Goji berries to lower the level of sugar in the blood, and at the same time to slow down the aging process? Will help you drink of the fruit of the Tibetan barberry and chrysanthemums, which is prepared according to ancient Oriental recipe. Take high-quality welding of black tea, 6 berries, 3-5 flowers of chrysanthemums. Pour this is the number of ingredients 500-600 ml of hot water, and after 15-20 minutes you will receive 3 servings ready money.

Чай с ягодами годжи и хризантемами

Tea with Goji berries and chrysanthemums

You can not limit yourself to the above recipes and brew Goji berries, combining them with other well-known products for weight loss and detox – cinnamon, cloves, lemon leaves cranberries or Cassia (Senna). If you can’t live without sweet tea and you are not allergic to honey, can add to drink half a teaspoon of honey.

Order Goji berries

Other drinks

Ready-made cocktail. Today you have the opportunity to buy Goji berries in the form of already prepared sublimated drink, which simply be diluted with water. To take such a tool recommended daily for 1 serving per week. If there are fears for individual intolerance of the body and other contraindications to this product, you should consult a doctor if necessary tests and start accepting cocktail with the minimum doses.

Smoothies. If you are not interested in how to brew Goji berries, but you want to drink them in a more modern, refreshing, try this delicious and filling prescription. For making smoothies you will need a handful of fruits, the basis (for example, natural yoghurt)and an arbitrary number of cranberry juice, cranberry, BlackBerry, raspberry and some ice. In General, the composition of a component can be one that you will want. All components are placed in a blender and whipped until smooth. Turns out a thick drink that you eat with a spoon.

Смузи с ягодами годжи

Smoothies with Goji berries

Tincture. This recipe is not so widely known, among those who know how to brew and drink Goji berry for weight loss. Meanwhile, various drinks on alcohol, particularly pineapple liqueur, show themselves in reducing weight with a very good side. Method of preparation of this tool involves the use of 50 grams of fruit Tibetan barberry, you need to fill in 500 ml of strong Chinese vodka Lily domestic 45 % and infuse it for a week. Tincture is taken twice a day for 10 ml

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