The nail girl is now one of the virtues. Because by using them you can tell a lot about a girl, what it does, cares whether it is for yourself.

Also of great importance in appearance women plays dental care. Many girls who are dissatisfied with their white, specially want in private clinics for whitening teeth, that they were beautiful and attracted the attention of many.
Как наращивать ногти акрилом?5
If you do not know, how to build a nail acrylic, this difficult task will help you to understand manicure, as well as specialists in special courses. As a rule, in order to increase, you must first prepare the surface on which they will be. For this you need to completely remove the nail Polish and all other surplus. Then by using files with large and medium-sized grains it is necessary to align the nail on the whole surface and apply primer.

Next you should install the form, which should have a good standing under the corners of the nail. This is a very important moment capacity, because of his wrong, you can quickly break a nail or have a crack, which in the future will need to adjust. Please note that the form should very well be attached to the finger, but leave a small gap ahead. What would be correct is, the natural nail will look. After installation, you should apply a primer for the second time.
Как наращивать ногти акрилом?3
Further, you should immediately apply a bead of acrylic on the roots lightly pressing his form so that he had desired shape and length. Then, using a brush and binder to form the desired shape near its base, at the corners and at the very end. Doing this work, you should take a pink bead acrylic, apply to the center of the nail and try to smooth so that the pink and white balls a little crossed. Small brush-strokes, it is necessary vertical movements to align the surface and move to the last pink ball of acrylic, which should also be smooth.
Как наращивать ногти акрилом?
In the end, you should remove the form and using files with different grains to align the surface. Then you can apply transparent nail Polish or any your desire.

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