A significant role in the attractiveness of the women are beautiful manicured hands and feet, which can determine its condition. So take care of your hands and feet need just as You take care of skin every day. Most women do not have enough cash and time to visit beauty salons, so you need to properly care for hands and feet at home.
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If You want to look fresh, young and beautiful, then You need each day, morning and evening, apply on the skin hyaluronic acid tete, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin. Slow down skin aging will help hyaluronic acid tete, thanks to which Your skin will become supple, hydrated, supple and taut. Apply hyaluronic acid tete, alone or under a cream.

Tips for hand care
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To get Your hands preserve the beauty and are not showing signs of roughness, dryness and fine lines, you should regularly take care of them and follow some recommendations:

  • Wash your hands with cool water periodically using brushes, which remove not only dirt, and dead skin cells;
  • After each contact with water, wipe the hands dry, which will allow You to avoid burrs;
  • Every day use a cream;
  • The skin on the elbows wash with a stiff brush and apply daily fat cream;
  • Before going to bed do a hand massage after application of nourishing cream.

Tips for foot care
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Feet need to be groomed daily, as the skin of the feet becomes dry, and appears on the feet thickened skin. Adhering to the guidelines, Your feet will always be well groomed:

  • Wash your feet daily with warm water;
  • Do a foot massage before bedtime in a circular motion;
  • Daily at bedtime take baths with baking soda, if there are cracks on the sole;
  • Use masks for legs once a week;
  • Don’t forget to take care of the heels of the feet.

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