Hands are the calling card of every woman. It is therefore very important that they be maintained, because it is hands very often give the true age of the woman. In addition, hand filed for a kiss, should be soft and gentle, not rough and scratchy.
Как правильно ухаживать за руками2
One well-known a rheumatologist in Tyumen said hand care affects their health. When a woman rubs into the skin of the hands of caring, she does massage, which has a beneficial effect on the circulation. Accordingly, improving not only the appearance but also the condition of the joints of the hands.
Hand care must be systemic. System for hand care includes 3 stages:

1)applying a soothing cream containing paraffin and menthol. It softens the skin before cleansing, stimulates the healing of minor scratches and minor abrasions;

2) the cleansing of the hands using a scrub with apricot seeds. Applied immediately after a soothing cream. Helps to clean your hands and remove dead skin (i.e. dead) cells. After applying the scrub hands should be washed;

3) on freshly washed hands should apply a moisturizer containing glycerol. Thus, the skin is well hydrated and protected from environmental influences.

Apply all the tools you need as if you do not apply the cream, and put a tight glove. But the motion must be uniform, from fingertips to wrist. With this method of application and the money will be better able to perform their functions, and will be made of the above massages.
Moisturizer should be applied 2 times a day, morning and evening, and all other stages of the system – several times a week. In addition, it is worth remembering that the hands should be protected from exposure to the elements, which are part of the household. For this purpose gloves. Many people think that they can do your job very difficult. But actually it is not. Now on sale there are different ways of gloves, including very thin, which is easy enough to get used to.
Как правильно ухаживать за руками3
With the right approach to the care and protection of the hands will be soft, nourished and healthy. These pens will be pleased to kiss any man!

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