Some women do not attend to the soles of the feet due attention. And in vain! Because day after day, feet do a great job and need rest and systematic care as well as the entire body.

If you suddenly found signs of skin diseases of feet, then you need the services of a dermatologist in Astrakhan, but if your legs are just tired, you can return them to the beauty and softness.
Как ухаживать за ступнями ног?
In order to relieve fatigue, you can prepare a foot bath of warm kefir. The fat content of this product should be minimal, and the temperature is pleasant for feet. To adopt such a bathtub need 20 minutes, this is enough time in order to relieve tension in the muscles and give the soles of the feet desired softness.

After this procedure a good idea to use a cleanser for the feet, prepared independently. Its preparation will need 250 grams of fat sour cream and 100 grams of sea salt. This mixture is applied to the feet massaging movements and after wash off by warm water.
When the feet softened and purified, it is possible to make massage by means of special hard mittens. After 15 minutes, a good massage, the skin becomes pink and warm, this means that the circulation has improved, and you have not wasted time.
Как ухаживать за ступнями ног?3
After completion of all these procedures should be applied to the soles of the feet nourishing cream or cooked nutritious mask.
For its preparation will need: 50 grams of honey, 25 grams of vegetable oil, and 1 egg yolk. All this must be thoroughly and apply a thin layer on foot. To wrap up legs with cling film and wear warm socks. After 2 hours, rinse with water and go to bed.
All these procedures should be done before going to sleep and not to forget to take care of the feet every night.

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