как ухаживать за татуировкой хнойFor many thousands of years henna tattoo has been a major element of many cultures. Currently, people do henna tattoos for fun. Design options for henna tattoos are virtually limitless. But not enough to get a tattoo, you need to know how to care for a tattoo correctly.


A little bit about henna tattoos

татуировка хной на ногахHenna is a kind of plant that was used for many years for its properties. If you mash and mix with the acidic solution, you get semi-permanent ink or paint. It can be used for hair coloring, darkening furniture, coloring clothes and create patterns on the body.

Mehndi is a technique of painting henna on the body used mostly in the middle East. Henna tattoos are traditionally done on the hands and feet. This is a temporary tattoo made of henna paste, natural dye powder from plants. Patterns are usually floral or abstract. The symbolism of the tattoos varied depending on the countries, but their aesthetic value is essential for female attraction, especially for brides. Very often this technique ran of the bride before the wedding ceremony applied the henna patterns on hands and feet. These complex patterns include the small characters that had a special meaning for young and her family. To create such detailed patterns required several hours.

Henna tattoo is used worldwide as a temporary. Thanks to the numerous options you can create the patterns they desire. However, henna tattoos require proper care, then they will stay longer.


How to apply a paste of henna

как наносить пасту из хныA paste of henna get by mixing the powder of the plant with the liquid. Rose water, tea, coffee, lemon juice, recipes much. The paste is applied on the skin with a brush, a plastic cone or syringe for more precise application on the selected patterns.

Do not touch the henna immediately after application. Henna paste moist and the lips try to keep this part of the body away from any objects that could touch her (clothes, hair, objects around), so pasta was not pulverized.

Try to keep the paste on the body as long as possible. The longer, the richer will be your tattoo. You can even leave it on all night. Don’t RUB it when washing.

As soon as the pasta begins to dry, apply a mixture of sugar and lemon juice for a few hours or overnight. This will help the pasta to stay moist longer and will make the picture more vivid. In addition, a mixture of lemon and sugar protects the henna and drawing. Acid present in lemon juice helps release the dye from the henna. Henna to moisten only slightly if you overdo it, it will begin to foam and flow. If you want to leave a mixture of sugar and lemon juice on all night, cover it so that the henna does not RUB. You can use the rib tape, paper medical tape or toilet paper. If you want to wrap plastic wrap, first, cover the skin with toilet paper, which will absorb sweat.

Try to keep the skin warm and moist. The higher the temperature, the faster the henna will stick to the skin. If you are cold, try drinking something hot. You can also very gently hold the area that you are going to apply henna over the steam.

Dried henna rinse with room temperature water and mild soap, gently promaqua a soft cloth. Most importantly do not RUB, otherwise the picture will blur. Then blot with a towel to dry the skin and apply oil or moisturizer.


Color henna tattoo

цвет татуировки хнойInitially, the color of the tattoo will be orange, and then become more intense. After 48 hours, the henna will be dark brown. The final color pattern may vary between orange-brown, Burgundy and chocolate brown. The color of the tattoo depends on your skin tone and chemical properties of the body. Henna, as a rule, darker on the hands and feet.

The duration of henna tattoos also depends on its location on the body. Regularly moisturize the skin to protect the figure and skin from drying out and flaking. Many moisturizers contain chemicals that can lighten the henna, so it is better to use natural remedies. Do not use moisturizing products that contain whitening ingredients or fruit acids. These substances deprive the skin of water and nutrients, and the tattoo disappears faster.

Apply on the tattoo oil. They keep the skin moist and do not allow the henna to fade. Try to use a lip balm based on beeswax, coconut or olive oil. There are even special oils to care for henna tattoos.


How to extend the term of wearing tattoos

уход за татуировкой хнойUnfortunately, henna tattoo is temporary and should not stay on the body. It depends on the size and tattoo design. The application of a small tattoo on the hand can take as little as 5 minutes.

There are a number of ways that will help to extend this time up to one month.

First of all, after applying henna tattoos on the skin, hold it for a few months before deleting it. After applying henna tattoos do not swim in the next 15 hours. Give time for the paint to penetrate deeper into the skin. Try also to avoid making a scrub in the field of tattooing. After the paint will penetrate the skin, every day apply on top of baby oil.

Healthy skin provides long lasting tattoo. Lemon juice protects the skin, so try applying a slice of lemon to the tattoo.

You should be careful with black henna tattoos that can cause severe allergic reactions. In this case, to the natural henna to add chemicals.

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