Nails really need to be competent care: they, like the face, always in sight, so the views of others will engage either beautiful nails or cracked, with white specks. In order for these to avoid trouble, you need to take good care of the hands.
Как ухаживать за ногтями дома2
Of course, it is easiest to turn to professionals. Not only will they make a quality manicure, but I will advise that you should use for you to restore the health of the nails. To make this easier, if you are a housewife, you can make use of various services and, as is cleaning houses or apartments, go to the beauty salon. But what if the treatments don’t have any time?

You can always improve the condition of your nails without going to expensive salons, i.e. at home. First of all, learn how to eat: the lack of saturated fats have a beneficial effect on your body. You can also take the test in biochemistry and learn what vitamins and minerals you are lacking. Fill them will be easier with the help of special complexes.

In the evenings you can do special relaxing and nourishing your nails baths. For this slightly pre-heat on a water bath (so you don’t overdo with temperature) olive or castor oil, dip them in the fingertips and wait 10-15 minutes. This simple tool will moisturize and stronger your nails, will accelerate their growth. Don’t forget after a warm bath, apply on hands nourishing and protecting the skin and nails cream and push back cuticle with special sticks.
Как ухаживать за ногтями дома

Before leaving the nails can be coated with special protective means, which is often used as a base for varnish. Such bases are sold, usually in pharmacies. Note that the protective agent should be applied at the end of the procedure.

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