Today’s manicure is in demand as never before. Such popularity determines the rhythm of life of women who just do not have time for home care for their hands and nails. Well, in order to become a good craftsman is necessary not only practical experience and theoretical knowledge, which can be received only in the learning process.
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Primarily every novice Petersburg masters are concerned about, what are the prices for manicure courses in St. Petersburg? In the relationship of cost and quality of teaching not everything is unambiguous. Some schools are spending huge sums on advertising, which significantly increases the price, other lower cost, not including consumables. That is why it is better to choose courses from the medium price segment.

Types of courses

Depending on the duration of training can be divided into the following types of courses:

  • Annual;
  • Monthly (from 1 to several months);
  • Weekly;
  • Day.

Moreover, in this classification, one-day and week – this is a refresher course conducted for the masters with some experience.
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For beginners in the nail business suitable period, although annual, too, can be a good option if the student has an appropriate amount of time and money.

Selection criteria

  • The popularity of the school. Follow consider the information found on the network, read reviews of former students on the basis of the received information to make a choice.
  • Program. Competently written training program should consist of theoretical and practical classes. Must also be sessions dedicated to the issues of dermatology, cosmetology, physiology, and sanitation.
  • Курсы по маникюру и педикюру 3

  • Materials. You should ask is whether the cost of courses provision of materials and tools.
  • Organizational moments. Definitely need to figure out the cost of training, the number of students in the group classes schedule, faculty, and the possibility of further employment.

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