Appearance plays a big role in the life of every woman. The rate of grooming women – beautiful nails and soft heels. Sometimes not enough time to conduct procedures for the care of hands and feet at home, to solve this problem can manicure and pedicure. A good expert offers high quality services using professional tools and cosmetics.

Какой маникюр в моде весной 2016?

If you appreciate novelties of cosmetic procedures, you will need to take a course of mesotherapy here. With the help of injections your skin will get a healthy and fresh look, thus it will preserve the youthfulness and elasticity!

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The master is chosen based on several criteria:

  • The specialist should have a quality education. Constantly improve your skills, learn new technologies and techniques. This may indicate certificates, diplomas, certificates;
  • A good master always work with sterile instruments. In the workplace should be a special sterilizer, disinfectant. For each customer a new set.
  • Manicure tools for the procedure must be of high quality, from trusted manufacturers;
    Neat appearance of the master and well-equipped workplace demonstrate the seriousness and professionalism;
  • Should work according to certain standards, and manicure and pedicure strictly in the prescribed scheme;
  • The existence of a record. A good master always in great demand and a large number of customers – the first indicator;
  • Experience. With each new procedure, the master becomes more experienced, acquire skills with tools and different types of the nail plate. An inexperienced technician can simply experience and feel awkward, and depends on the quality of services.

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To find a specialist that meets all the criteria is not easy. For starters, you can consult with friends, they can clearly see the result of the wizard. You can go to the salon, look to the overall ambiance. Not necessarily immediately go for the procedure, everyone has the right to know about the quality of services provided. Craftsmen who take their work as to slavery, will never be the best. The most dangerous thing that a service industry worker can hurt the client and lead to infection or, incorrectly treating the nail plate to Mar the appearance of the hands.

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