как выбрать пудруPowder is one of those cosmetic products, which is in the Arsenal of almost every woman. It can help you easily and quickly to even out your skin tone, hide imperfections, prevent greasy Shine. However, this is possible only if the powder really suits you. Otherwise, it may appear on the face, as a mask, and in this case, the beauty can’t be it. How to choose a powder, which can be used to hide flaws and highlight the advantages of your face?


How to choose a powder: basic rules

  • Do not buy too dark powder. Do not do this, even if you’re in the next month I plan to start going to the Solarium, and believe that you will need powder dark color. Buy it when you zagoria – then it will be easier to find a suitable tone.
  • Do not buy too bright powder. Try to make your skin a little lighter by using powder – bad idea. Under the layer of powder that is a few shades lighter than the skin, your face will look as if it was covered with chalk.
  • Do not test the powder on his hands. Women do it very often, and it usually leads to the wrong choice of color. First, the texture of the skin on the hands is different from the texture of the facial skin, which means that the powder falls completely different. Secondly, the color of the skin on the hands and face too often varies.
  • Test powder under the jaw line or neck. Of course, the best thing would be to immediately test the powder on the face, but it is possible not always. Therefore, it is recommended to apply it just below the jaw line or neck. If you come to the shop during the day, I will go out and look at yourself in the mirror in daylight – it will show the advantages and disadvantages of the selected tone is much better than artificial lighting.
  • Choose a powder with light reflecting particles. This is optional, but very desirable. Such fine powder softens fine lines and give skin a healthy, beautiful glow. They can be a real salvation for residents of large cities, whose skin from lack of sleep, stress and poor environment early enough can become dull and lifeless.
  • Prefer natural ingredients. Today becoming more popular, mineral powder, which is not worse than powder containing mainly synthetic ingredients. Love her not only because of the fact that it causes less skin irritation, but due to the fact that the production of such powders is associated with less harm to the environment.


Select the powder color skin

  • Light skin with pink shade

For this skin good light powder with a yellowish tinge. With them, the makeup will look natural and fresh. Moreover, with such powders likely that instead of a beautiful makeup in a person with very fair skin will mask orange or almost white on the face, minimum.

  • Light skin with yellow or gray shade

To improve the tone of a skin, it is recommended to choose light powder pink shade. (Someone might seem that this powder is the best fit to the skin with pink shade – in fact, cannot give a person unnatural and even unhealthy reddish tinge, especially if a woman uses a little more powder than necessary). Powder this tone perfectly animates yellowish and grayish skin, gives it a beautiful, healthy tone.

  • Tanned skin

Those who by nature light skin, which is temporarily covered with a light tan, fit powder copper shades. In most cases, they create tanned skin a beautiful finish that looks too dark, but does not create the impression of “orange mask”, which can sometimes be observed on tanned girls, chose the wrong cosmetics. Powder you usually use on tanned skin should not apply – most likely, she will look on her as a layer of chalk.

  • Olive and dark skin

This category may include different colors, which are neither light nor very dark. This skin is suitable powder shades of copper, apricot and dark Golden. Darker powder fit for owners or dark skin, or chocolate tan.

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